Astaro enhances Unified Threat Management with the most up-to-date and powerful software

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Tech

Astaro Corporation, a leading Unified Threat Management vendor, prides itself for its comprehensive and powerful internet security solutions that are aimed at simplyfying the way networks are protected. Astaro believes that regardless of the growing threat of Internet security and the complex methods by which attacks are being perpetrated, companies are assured that their networks remain secure and their most valuable information continuously protected without the technical complications.

The company offers a variety of network security products using hardware,software and virtualized products. These solutions have been throughly tested and have been deployed in thousand of environments to ensure stability and reliability. Astaro sees a very strong potential in the robustly growing market that is the South East Asia region, which include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, vietnam, Thailand and Philippines.

Astaro’s product offerings include the following:

– Astaro Security- These are the company’s purpose built and high performance equipment that is the core of its hardware prodduct line. These are installed over the Internet and Internal network servers, particularly those with hardened operating systems running on Intel Processors.

-Astaro Security Gateway Software Appliance – A Number of Astaro’s most powerful software seys include Network Security, Mail Security, Web security, and Wed Application Security. These Applications protect very specific aspects of a network against attacks, from intrusion, denial-of-service, spam, Trojan, viruses, spyware, among others. These applications also allow the network administrator to monitor the use of their bandwidth, thus offering a new way of bandwith management.

– Astaro Red- Red Stands for Remote Ethernet Device protects the remote offices of one company, giving the headquarters full control over the unified threat management of all its branch offices. While accessible remotely users are assured that the Astaro Red is protected against remote attack with its powerful encryption system.

– Astaro Access Points- Two models of Astaro’s wire;ess devices, the AP10 and the AP30, distinguish themselves with integrated security, strong encryption, and the capability to be managed centrally from a remote computer. Attacks can already be stopped from the access point-level.

– Astaro Clients – Remote administrators want immediate and full acces to their network security from different offices or even at home. The Astaro Client software allows uses to reduce the burden of accessing remotely through a virtual private network. Just like all its other software offerings, the Astaro Clients are already imbued with strong security capabilities.

– Astro Command Center- This is centrally manages all of a company’s network into a single location purposefully built for network security. It provides real-time monitoring, site-to-site VPN configuration, remote device maintenance, and management of all devices connected to the network. When new updates and firmware for the different Astaro products are released, these can be remotely deployed via Command center, thus reducing the need to manually update the seperate equipment.

With the entire line of productssuited for just about every kind of network security requirement, Astaro is able to provide the protection for companies, without technical complexities. The Company also assures continious developments that will put it steps ahead of the competition and of Internet Criminals.


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