SAP launches SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Tech

SAP AG announced an innovative new approach to business analytics designed to provide people across organizations with critical, industry-specific information wherever and however they want to use it. As a first step in that strategy, the company launched SAP® BusinessObjects™ analytic applications, a family of solutions tailored to address today’s challenges in specific industries and lines of business.

Co-created with customers and designed to work in any environment, the applications facilitate better business decision-making by knowledge workers, providing the insight and best practices required to better understand risk, uncover opportunities and make the right decisions to optimize business. Designed to be deployed quickly and deliver value to customers rapidly, the solutions are complete and ready to go, and can also be customized further to meet particular business goals with the help of the SAP Services organization or partner ecosystem.

“The launch of SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications comes at an opportune time as our customers in the local market are hard-pressed to meet the challenges of the domestic and global business arena,” said Jennie S. Ligones, SAP Philippines country manager.

“What makes the SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications noteworthy is that they were developed by SAP together with our customers, not just with them in mind. This means that these applications are tailored to their specific industries and are therefore more relevant to their business structure and operational processes. They are designed to provide our customers with better insights into their businesses and react faster to developments, which is crucial nowadays to achieve success in the marketplace. They can also be deployed rapidly and integrated into any IT systems. Finally, the flexibility of the applications means that they can be customized to suit specific requirements,” Ligones added.

People on the frontlines in various industries and business disciplines need timely, trusted business insight now more than ever. It takes a specially developed solution to provide employees with intuitive access to information so they can make impactful decisions fast and gain the competitive edge. For example, effective sales analysis within retail requires dynamic access to multiple data sources and systems across a retailer’s supply chain. In an industry that often functions on single-digit margins, clear and accurate insight into sales and operational figures is critical to survival and can mean the difference between an outstanding quarter and a missed quarter. SAP has worked hand-in-hand with customers to address real-world business problems with the new analytic applications that leverage the market-leading SAP BusinessObjects product portfolio combined with SAP industry and line-of-business expertise.

Quick and Easy to Deploy: Delivers Immediate Value to Customers
SAP launches 10 new applications that can be deployed in as little as eight weeks and are designed to work with structured or unstructured data from any SAP or non-SAP system. The initial industries covered by SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications include healthcare, consumer products, public sector, financial services, retail and telecommunications. They tackle a diverse set of issues confronted today by professionals in finance, sales, marketing, risk assessment, patient care management, customer satisfaction and retention, and military planning. The solutions provide customers with both the insight and context they need to help their organizations succeed. The new applications include:

– SAP® BusinessObjects™ On-Shelf Availability Analysis
– SAP® BusinessObjects™ Trade Promotion Effectiveness
– SAP® BusinessObjects™ Enterprise Risk Reporting for Banking
– SAP® BusinessObjects™ Planning and Consolidation for Banking
– SAP® BusinessObjects™ Planning and Consolidation for Healthcare
– SAP® BusinessObjects™ Quality Management for Healthcare
– SAP® BusinessObjects™ Sales Analysis for Retail
– SAP® BusinessObjects™ Customer Analysis and Retention for Telecommunications
– SAP® BusinessObjects™ Readiness Assessment for Defense & Security
– SAP® BusinessObjects™ Planning and Consolidation for Public Sector


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