Real Estate Developer Taps Bayantrade to Meet Robust Market Demands

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Tech

With the robust real estate market, companies engaged in developing residential and commercial projects are hard-pressed to meet the growing demands of a discerning market. Nuvoland Philippines, Inc., one of the most dynamic and unique real estate developers in the Philippines, has implemented BT Properties to streamline key business processes in the areas of day-to-day transactions and report generation. BT Properties is a qualified SAP All-In-One solution developed by Bayantrade which helped Nuvoland deal with challenges of a discerning and robust real estate industry.

BT Properties incorporates SAP best practices for real estate and leverages on Bayantrade’s expertise from its years of experience in consultancy and project implementation. The same technology is used by more than 100,000 companies worldwide.

BT Properties provides real-time and accurate financial information by integrating all operations in one system. As business strategies evolve, it is critical to support key activities such as management of contracts and space utilization. It will provide accurate property details to sales people such as vacancies and future use of areas to business partners in order to maximize occupancy rates. Given that they are primarily focusing on sales of residential spaces, they will be able to map architectural view of each floor to match the client’s wants to what they offer. With BT Properties, Nuvoland’s improvement in operations and forecasting will prepare them for future growth.

In line with its plan for expansion of Nuvo.City as one of the future commercial areas in Libis, Nuvoland will be able to maximize resources by settling all operating costs and utilizing savings for other projects. Communications between their sales and marketing team (NuvoSales), construction and project managers (CMG Solutions), and the developer (NuvoLand) will be seamless since updates are synchronized through the system. Cut overhead costs by determining internal activities and plan personnel requirement for specific account assignments. This will guarantee the tenants that they are well taken care of by Nuvoland. The solution will enable the company to see every aspect of their business and make better decisions.

Prior to the implementation, Nuvoland is challenged with errors in day-to-day business transactions, decentralized database management, manual generation of reports, and tediousness of its operational processes. As a result of these limitations, it led them to search for other approaches to simplify their processes. With BT Properties, tasks can be done in just a single click.

Nuvoland’s management team can now review and approve transactions off-site which enables them to respond real-time to critical business process using BT Properties. In the business world, this immediately translates to flexibility as the company can respond quicker to market demands.

“With the highly competitive real estate industry, the company needs to be able to react quickly and seize any opportunity that the market presents,” said Mr. Mon E. Bienvenida, Nuvoland’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “We chose SAP because we know we can benefit from the best practices of major players across various industries that are also SAP users. More importantly, the system helps reduce data redundancies and provides seamless flow of transactions between users. SAP will definitely prepare us for our expected growth as financial transactions become more complicated,” added Mr. Bienvenida.

“With our years of exposure and numerous implementations with property companies, Bayantrade will be able to deliver to NuvoLand a complete solution in just four months,” said Mr. Dante Briones, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Jennie S. Ligones, SAP Philippines Country Manager, said: “We are thrilled that Nuvoland has decided to adopt the SAP Business All-in-One to enhance its operations and streamline business processes.”

Nuvoland is a leading real estate developer in the Philippines. Its innovative approach to various projects and passion for product and service excellence sets it apart from other real estate developers in the country. Nuvoland projects include The Infinity at Fort Bonifacio, Aspire@Nuvo.City, and SkyLofts@Nuvo.City.


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