Schneider Electric’s Business Outlook and Trends on Energy Efficiency Discussed

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Tech

Schneider Electric’s executive vice president for Asia Pacific and Japan, Eric Rondolat recently visited the country and discussed Schneider Electric’s business outlook, Q3 FY10 Earnings results, the recently opened Energy Hub in Singapore, rate of adoption and global /regional trends on energy efficiency.

Philippe Reveilhac, President – Schneider Electric Philippines, Eric Rondolat, Executive Vice President, Power Asia-Pacific Business, Alex Santos – ECCP, Stuart Thorogood – Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric South East Asia

According to research, world energy consumption has risen 45% since 1980 and it is projected to be 70% higher by 2030.

Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive response for residential, building, energy and infrastructure and data and networks markets with energy efficiency solutions that help companies turn energy saving into growth.

Schneider Electric’s 4 sustainability steps is a way to reach successful energy efficiency:

– Measure energy use to identify potential savings and dysfunctions
– Install low consumption equipment and systems
– Improve long term use by deploying automation management, consulting, training and tracking resources while maintaining high performance
– Continuously analyse energy savings through maintenance, supervision and monitoring.

Schneider Electric is committed to provide more energy software solutions, management capabilities and consulting services to customers who want to reduce their energy costs, which has helped the company weather the recession by tying its business to end markets rather than products.

Schneider Electric is a global company with a turnover of 16 billion Euro in 2009, they have 25% of their business in North America, 25% in Asia, 30% in Western Europe, and the rest from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America.

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