SAP Business One Powers Rogemson

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Tech

The Rogemson Company Inc. (TRCI), a leading producer and distributor of a wide range of quality personal-care products in the Philippines, has adopted the SAP Business One software application in an effort to streamline processes and enhance operational management.

Implemented by SAP partner ObTech Asia Pacific, SAP Business One integrates all core business functions such as financials and sales at TRCI. The single application helps TRCI eliminate the need for separate installations and complex integration of multiple modules.

TRCI was challenged with data segregation, which is crucial to many business operations, and sometimes chaotic business processes prior to the software upgrade. Sven Erikson Cheng, TRCI vice president, “For example, it was usual for the warehouse to be understocked on account of the old system’s inaccuracy in updating and keeping track of stocks. Often, customers’ orders were not met because operators thought there were still products available but in reality there were none.”

With the integration of SAP Business One, TRCI now enjoys reliable data tracking, user-friendly features, and generally more streamlined operations. Cheng says, “All this, of course, is with a view to increase customer satisfaction and retention by meeting the needs of our customers with perfect order fulfillment. This also represents value for our customers, even as it frees us to generate new sources of revenue.”

TRCI also hopes to cut costs by eliminating order-processing errors while improving upsell rates within order management. It also seeks to empower its trading partners by providing them with a sophisticated electronic commerce solution that includes Web-based order management and order status capabilities.

“Advanced forecasting, requisition and purchasing processes will also enable us to optimize our inventory levels and ensure superior customer service,” Cheng adds. “A system-generated suggested purchase order with subsequent buyer review allows buyers to focus on value-added functions like product management, vendor negotiations and inventory strategy.”

TRCI anticipates that improvements in margins, control, and financial management, would help it concentrate in constantly improving on its core business and enhance its responsiveness to potential trouble areas.

“SAP helped us realize how vital this kind of software is to our company,” says Cheng. “A step-by-step payment system, for example, in the long run will provide better benefits while our business continuously develops.” This is economically practical, Cheng adds, as the larger you grow as a business the lesser you have to spend on this aspect of customer service for every customer.

“Companies need to be agile especially in today’s new reality,” says Jennie Ligones, SAP country manager in the Philippines. “This is particularly true for SMEs as they need to differentiate themselves against growing competition, maintain appropriate growth in changing environments. SAP Business One is an affordable small business management solution that best fits SMEs like TRCI, which has outgrown its legacy systems and is looking for a single integrated solution that is quick to install, easy to use, simple to maintain and allows for management of the entire business.”

TRCI’s guiding principle is the belief that its first responsibility is to the Filipino consumer, for whom it constantly strives to provide innovative products at consumer-friendly prices without sacrificing on quality. In fact TRCI, which was founded more than a decade ago and started out manufacturing hair-styling gels with headquarters in Quezon City, today has gone nationwide. It has several branches in northern and southern Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao.


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