Kaspersky Lab Launches Hosted Security Services in the Philippines

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Tech

Mr. Bryan Sat, Kaspersky Lab South East Asia Region Business Development Manager

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions is making available its hosted security services for all enterprises in the Philippines today.

Kaspersky Hosted Security Services (KHSS) delivers a managed, integrated services offering that combats email, web and blended threats in the cloud to deliver a clean feed of internet and mail traffic to business environments.

The hosted model reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by delivery enhances levels of service while decreasing the burden on the organization’s IT department to maintain their infrastructure. The subscription model makes costs predictable, eradicating hidden maintenance charges and unexpected upgrade costs.

This is an important point that Philippine-based companies can take advantage of with the KHSS as it typically reduces normal IT security system costs by 30 percent or more.

“Kaspersky Lab has successfully established a very good relationship with both consumers and Businesses in the Philippines who rely on us to protect their computers and servers,” said Bernie Bengler, director for SaaS/cloud services for Kaspersky Lab APAC.

Mr. Bernie Bengler, Kaspersky Lab APAC Director – SaaS/Cloud Services

“Apart from our data centers in other parts of the world, we’re expanding our services to the South East Asian region through our Singapore facility,” he said.

“Now, IT security professionals from the enterprise sector can add another layer of security to their arsenal by filtering out threats and unwanted content in the cloud, away from the corporate network,” Bengler said.

“The Philippines has a high growth market for hosted services especially since it has a fast developing business process outsourcing service industry which is expected to grow more in the next five years and a fast growing SME sector that makes up the backbone of its economy, which all require heavy online usage as they do the business,” said Bengler.

The growth of the industry plus the sensitivity of their idea will push them to ensure that they operate within a secure environment. Therefore, there will be an increased need for an additional and stronger layer of security to their infrastructure as their needs grow,” Bengler Emphasized.

One of the features of the KHSS is its Web Security, which can be quickly set up without additional hardware and software investments. This can provide real-time protection to both office-based nd remote works. Software updates are automatically provided every 15 minutes for maximum protection.

Likewise, the Kaspersky Hosted Email Security can dramatically reduce incoming mail traffic by filtering out unwanted mail content. It can also lower required connection bandwidth, storage capacity and mail server’s load. It also has a built-in overcapacity system to deal with excessive spam, thus, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

The service is designed to ensure that employees using email or accessing the Internet are not affected by spam, malware and other unwanted content that may jeopardize the integrity of the IT system, squander system resources and hinder employee productivity.

Hosted security services in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries are expected to be a popular vehicle for deploying messaging and web security solutions, according to IDC Security Products Vice President Christ Christiansen.

“We believe that the high bandwidth costs in these countries are a strong incentive for service providers to partner with reputable security content vendors like kaspersky Lab to offers message security, and deliver a clean pipe to their customers of all sizes,” Christiansen said.

By handling email-based threats, including spam, phishing attempts, Trojans, other malware and blende attacks, before they reach the networks, the solution ensures minimal impact on both IT equipment and end users. The service ensures that organization can:
• Protect against SMTP malware and spam
• Optimizes network resources by reducing bandwidth congestion
• Protects remote and roaming workers
• Creates comprehensive reports

All KHSS are monitored by experienced IT security personnel to reduce the workload on internal IT staff in order to allow them to focus on core business issues. Users can easily configure, manage and administer Internet security policies via a secure Internet Portal.

  1. victor sumande says:

    after putting my activation code it say’s “cannot connect to server”. but my internet is good. what is the problem?. and please give me the solution

  2. victor sumande says:

    do you have any technical support i can call, here in the philippines, regarding my problem?

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