NEO Care: Service and Quality

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Tech

Ms. Mutya Syling, NEO VP for Planning and Operation

As the No. 1 Mobile PC brand manufactured in the Philippines, Neo continuously delivers the good news following their successful Élan L4300-3D Notebook Launch last October 2010. It was then when they claimed their victory in coming out with a full featured, high powered Core i7 3D Ready Notebook that is definitely built to astound and astonish demanding PC users. Now, they again delight the market by introducing their upgraded Neo Care Service. The upgraded Neo Care Service aims to deliver world class technical product support to all Neo users in the Philippines, confidently delivering no less than fast and accurate After Sales Service.

According to Mr. Gerson Sullano, Neo Care Customer Service Manager, “the upgraded Neo Care Service is a collaboration of Improved Inventory Management, Upgraded Service Stations, Better Equipped Professionals & Quality Control Procedures”. By making sure that there is science in inventory management and training, customers can rest easy knowing that they would not need to wait too long for available spare parts and that there are competent manpower ready to satisfy any After Sales Service demands.

Mr. Ricky Banaag, Intel Philippines Country Manager

Neo has always been proud of its People and by carefully and continuously enhancing the Neo Care Service team with relevant product and skills training, productive team building activities, improved communication channels & solid Top Management Support, the customers can be assured that they will be given exceptional After Sales Service by pleasant Customer Interface Officers thru a dedicated Hotline for instant connection and attention. Customers can even expect to be given up-to-date advice on the status of their serviced laptops via SMS Caster. Furthermore, there is “Track My Service”, an online tracking system that allows customers to track the progress of repairs. Neo Care Service even has online Driver Support wherein users can download their software requirements, anytime.

To really complete the whole experience, a wide array of available After Sales Support are not just found Online or over the phone, customers are also serviced by well-trained Customer Support Staff & Experienced Technicians on-site.

Mr. KT Ng, Microsoft OEM Director

Finding a Neo Care Service Center is quite easy and accessible as they are strategically located in well known Shopping Malls found in major cities like Metro Manila, Cebu & Davao, not to mention a wider network of Neo Authorized Service Centers nationwide. For an even more impressive speed when it comes to accurate after sales servicing, their Shaw Showroom for example offers Face-to-Face Resolution for immediate repairs. Customers can actually wait comfortably in the newly enhanced Showrooms while waiting for their unit.

Neo Care Service also considers the gentle and speedy handling of your valuable laptop that is why they utilized the trustworthy logistics service of Lite Express in ensuring that the laptop gets to and from the customer on time, wherever he may be. Neo Care Service sees customers as valuable partners, with a belief that they exist only to provide timely and valuable solutions to the market.


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