HP-MDi Sign Partnership for HP Networking Products

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Tech

Micro-D International (MDi), Inc. signed a strategic partnership agreement with HP Philippines to be its Gold Partner, MDi will be a key System Integrator for HP Networking. As a Gold Partner, MDi will be a key System Integrator for HP Networking products in the Philippines, offering the full range of HP Networking product portfolio to customers across all market segments.

Since 1988, MDi has been a trusted and pioneering information and communications technology solutions provider in the Philippines, providing highly-skilled expertise to integrate and implement proven, state-of-the art technologies that enable business growth for companies of all sizes.

The Partnership with HP puts MDi’s in a more strategic market position in network and security due to more complete product portfolio. MDi’s unique advantage includes system integration capabilities for all technologies in the data center, with HP storage and server solutions in the pipeline as well.

MDi’s 23 years of technology leadership includes building the country’s most advance computing, networking and security system through its team of competent and certified professionals. MDi has provided IT Infrastructure and systems integration solutions for the country’s top 1000 corporations and government institutions, having been the country’s first and leading 3Com specialist since the 1990s.

The HP-MDi partnership is a demonstration of the strong momentum of HP’s Networking Business, following its acquisition of 3Com in April 2010. The HP Networking business integrates 3com’s network switching, routing and security solutions with its existing HP ProCurve solutions, creating a comprehensive portfolio for customers. Combined with HP’s global reach, the expanded portfolio solidifies HP’s Converged Infrastructure strategy, which is built on the integration of servers, storage, networking, management, facilities and services. With this Integration, customers are now able to simplify their networks, deploy an edge-to-core network fabric for the enterprise and improve IT service delivery capabilities.

The acquisition of 3Com expands HP’s Ethernet switching offerings, adds routing solutions and significantly strengthens the company’s position in global markets. 3Com also brings to HP network security capabilities through its Tipping Point portfolio. With these technologies put together , HP is able to deliver one of the broadest network technology capabilities in the market to meet customer needs well into the future.

For more information about MDi, please visit: http://www.mdi.net.ph/aboutus.html

For more information about HP Networking, please visit: http://www.hp.com


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