New and Improved HTC Sense Announced

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Tech

Mr. Wayne Tang, HTC Corporation’s Product Marketing Manager for Southeast Asia

HTC Corporation announced the new and improved HTC Sense 2.0. HTC Sense is a fun, simple user interface that makes your smartphone easier to use and to customize. The new HTC Sense platform provides its users tons of handy features such as online back-up, improved smartdialer for faster calling and faster start-up.

HTC Sense also makes your phone impossible to lose. It can pinpoint on a map a lost phone if you ever misplace your phone anywhere. You can also access the secure HTC web portal and send a command to sound an alert on the handset.

If your phone was lost or stolen, use the HTC web portal to back up your contacts and text messages, remotely wipe all of your personal information and lock your phone, so that no one else can access it. You can also set a message to the touchscreen, giving instructions on how to return your phone for anyone who finds it.

The latest version, Sense 2.0, is being introduced on two great new smartphones – HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z.

To know more about the new HTC Sense, visit:



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