LG Brings Whole New Green Value to Consumers’ Lives with its Latest Core Technologies

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Tech

Mr. Raymond Hernandez, LG Electronics Philippines Corporate Marketing Head

Global leader and technology innovator LG Electronics, the country’s fast rising consumer electronics brand today, continues focusing on “greenizing” homes by taking a proactive approach to environmental and health issues.

At its GreenHealth+ Campaign Launch, LG unveils its latest unique and outstanding core technologies – High Efficiency Inverter, Inverter Direct Drive, and Linear Compressor Technologies in a range of new products that are being introduced for the first time into the Philippine market. The said campaign is a spinoff to LG’s Health+ Campaign that started two years ago.

For LG, green products aren’t just about energy savings and economic benefits. Green also means making improvements in functionality and customers’ lifestyles.

“LG has long been committed to elevating home appliances above the realm of the functional to add something better to consumers’ lives,” said Raymond Hernandez, corporate marketing head of LG Electronics Philippines. “With our groundbreaking core technologies in new air-conditioning units, washing machines, and refrigerators, LG enriches consumers’ lives in everything from food to clothing to their living environments.

Air Conditioning: Expert-proven efficiency

High Efficiency Inverter Technology in LG’s new air-conditioning units allows consumers to enjoy comfortable and healthful cooling.

The LG Inverter V split-type air conditioner boasts of the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) at 15.30 in the Philippines. LG’s cutting-edge inverter technology enables the new air conditioner to consume less energy than conventional air conditioners and to cool a room extremely fast. Also, it has the world’s lowest operating noise level of a mere 19dB and the highest energy efficiency, saving up to 60 percent compared to previous non-inverter model.

It also offers a range of healthcare features designed to help protect consumers from allergens and viruses like A(H1N1), while it upgrades the home environment with its stylish design.

According to tests conducted by the KITASATO Research Center of Environmental Science in Japan, 99.9 percent of A(H1N1) viruses were killed in 24 hours by LG Inverter’s total virus filter system. LG’s technology helps protect families from the H1N1 virus, which is currently prevailing worldwide. In addition, the Health+ Inverter has received certification for anti-allergenic functionality from the British Allergy Foundation in the UK and anti- bird flu functionality from authorities including the Osaka Prefectural Institute in Japan and the FITI Testing and Research Institute in Korea.

The High Efficiency Inverter Technology is available on a number of LG split-type air conditioner models including the HS-09IV2 (1.0 hp) for PhP36,995 suggested retail price (srp); HS-12IV2 (1.5 hp), PhP40,995 srp; HS-18IV2 (2.0 hp), PhP51,995 srp; and HS-24IV2 (2.5 hp), PhP59,995 srp.

Refrigerators: Have a heart that saves the earth

Refrigerators are big consumers of power. With its newest range of refrigerators, LG’s breakthrough Inverter Linear Compressor Technology ensures consumers’ food stays farm fresh, while also delivering big cuts in energy consumption.

The compressor is the heart of a refrigerator. LG’s Linear Compressor technology enables its refrigerators to be industry leaders in energy savings, freshness, noise level, capacity and durability. It enables 41% more efficient in energy saving than A-rated ones with lowest noise by having one friction driving the piston. Conventional compressors have four friction points that cause more energy loss.

Other refrigerators compress refrigerant by changing the rotating movement of the motor into a linear movement, resulting in an energy conversion loss of about 20%. LG’s core technology works in a linear fashion to start with, and so does not suffer from this loss.

By efficiently controlling cooling power and reducing internal points of friction, the Linear Compressor reduces CO2 emissions by up to 63kg a year – the equivalent of planting 16 new pine trees.

LG refrigerators with Linear Compressor technology are on average more effective in maintaining a steady inner temperature than conventional refrigerators with the same capacity. The compressor’s slow speeds — maintained even under maximum cooling conditions – also make for quieter operation. And as a testament to its supreme durability, the Linear Compressor on LG’s freezer comes with a 10-year warranty.

Aside from total efficiency, LG refrigerators offer harmonious design. The two-tone finish of the new refrigerator adds a modern, simple and sophisticated look to the kitchen and seamlessly matches with other appliances.

“In Filipino homes, the kitchen is more than just a place to eat. It has become the center of daily life for families to spend time together,” Hernandez said. “We developed our new refrigerators as kitchen furniture, not just another ‘white good’ and focused on harmonizing it with other appliances in the kitchen.”

LG Inverter Linear Compressor Technology is available on a number of LG side by side refrigerator models including the GR-B207BSJV (PhP74,995 srp), GR-P207BSJV (PhP119,995 srp), and GR-P267FSN (PhP136,995 srp).

Washing Machines: LG’s new generation Inverter Direct Drive and unique 6 Motion treat the environment and your clothes more delicately

LG’s newest washing machines come with the company’s groundbreaking, new generation Inverter Direct Drive technology and its outstanding 6 Motion Technology.

Thanks to the Inverter Direct Drive, most new LG washing machines provide a world-class washing performance; with a clean so delicate yet thorough you’d swear it had been done by hand.

Furthermore, the technology also delivers the twin benefits of cutting noise levels to just 54dB, and reducing energy by up to 25% and water use by up to 45% compared to other machines in the class. The Inverter Direct Drive motor drives the drum without a pulley and a belt, so there are less wearing parts. LG shows confidence in its Inverter Direct Drive technology by offering a 10-year warranty.

The machine’s unique 6 Motion technology provides a range of cycles optimized for different types of fabrics. These include dabbing, rubbing, kneading, loosening, squeezing, and shaking the laundry. It features high washing and rinsing efficiency with an efficient laundry time. The 6 Motion also reduces washing powder residue on clothes better than regular models. What’s more, the 6 Motion helps clothes soak in highly concentrated powders more evenly, making the machine very effective at protecting against shrinkage of wooly-textured garments. By delivering a wash that is as gentle as it is thorough, the 6 Motion goes beyond mere washing to ensure the stylish look that consumers want.

The new generation Inverter Direct Drive Technology and the 6 Motion Technology is available on Spirit 11 Dual DD WF-D160V. LG Frontload Prime Dryer RC8011A1 and LG frontload washer models including the Prime Combo WD-1403D, Prime Washer WD-1203TD, and Prime Combo WD-1403AD5 use the Direct Drive Technology.

“LG strongly believes that a green and healthy lifestyle begins at home, and so we have committed ourselves to providing technologies for the greenest and healthiest home environment,” Hernandez said.

10-Year Warranties on Core Technologies

To demonstrate its commitment to providing the most reliable products on the market, LG Electronics offers 10-year warranties on the Linear Compressor in its refrigerators and the Inverter Direct Drive Motor in its washing machines. With these guarantees on its core technologies, LG has taken big strides to further enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen loyalty to its brand.

  1. Janeth Gallenero says:

    i have been searching for these technologies.. especially the washing machines.. i wish you have expounded more on them… does the frontload inverter wash mach have fully automatic function?… up to dryer…? and if it is… is it air dry?… up to how many percent?… how many kg capacity are available on the Philippine market?..pls include infos on toploads too…thanx..

  2. Janeth Gallenero says:

    by the way…is it true?..they consumed only half of the energy compared to a regular or non inverter appliance? are there any rules on the use so as to have the so called “half-energy” consumption?… or any specifications or facts in between with regards of the “inversion” advantage…

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