Sony Philippines Unveils VAIO Spring Collection for 2011

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Tech

Ms. Jhoey Benedicto, Product Marketing for VAIO, Ms. Lyzza Mirando, Channel Marketing for VAIO, Mr. Takao Kuroda, President and Managing Director, Sony Philippines, and Mr. Yung Yap, Director, Channels and Area Marketing for VAIO holding the latest Sony Collection: VAIO Y, VAIO S, VAIO C, and the VAIO F

Sony is known for introducing breakthroughs and Sony VAIO laptops are known to be works of art. VAIO lives up to the prestige of art as every detail is painstakingly measured and thought of to achieve the perfect balance between elegance and substance.

“Premium quality is the upmost consideration with VAIO. It includes capturing the wants and needs of every customer. Knowing that every person has different personalities and desires, the product engineers designed VAIO to cater to these varied wishes. Mobile VAIO laptops are created for those who are always on the go, beautifully designed PCs for the fashion-forward, technology-advanced laptops for those who love the best machinery and innovative gadgets,” said Mr. Yung Yap, Director, VAIO Marketing & IT Sales, Sony Philippines, “VAIO is a brand that does not make general products for the faceless masses, but who thinks of its customers as different individuals who have various needs. VAIO is not just a laptop, but an investment for its users.”

Vivid is the VAIO of 2011

The previous season saw the arrival of VAIO E, Sony’s youthful line-up in glossy colors and unique patterns. From the college halls to the business district boardrooms, VAIO E embodies vibrancy and dynamism of each person’s individuality.

VAIO E features:
14″ widescreen display w/ LED backlight
Quick Web Access
Superior photo, videos and music browser
with VAIO Care™

Php 39,999.00 (for Intel® Pentium & 2GB DDR3)
Php 44,999.00 (for Intel® Core™ & 4GB DDR3)
available in pink, white and black

For the start of 2011, Sony is splashing color into the personal computer landscape as it introduces a new series, VAIO C. It is defined by an attractive chassis, using a light emitting material that comes in illuminating hues of neon orange and neon green, and in an elegantly simple pink, black and white.

The 14-inch new VAIO C is a high-performance notebook, powered by Intel® Core™ i5 processor and a Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System that switches automatically between your internal and external graphics chip depending on the usage.

It is the desire to stand-out from the crowd that the VAIO product engineers responded to. To add more excitement, they also chose to outfit the VAIO C with bright and vivid colors to reflect the happy and energetic feeling that it gives to its users.

VAIO C features:
14″ widescreen VAIO Display w/ LED backlight
HD webcam powered by Exmor
HDMI 3D supported
Surf the net in 20secs without tuning on your PC
Light emitting translucent style option

Php 69,999.00
(available in pink, orange, green, white and black)

More Powerful than ANY Netbook. It’s a PC at P29,999!

Responsive to the market’s needs and requirements, Sony is offering a brand new line that sets new standards in mobility and design, while giving a more affordable option to their consumers.

An 11.6-inch beauty, the VAIO Y Series is designed to be stylish and ergonomic. Its profile comes together in a convergence line, for a sleek, tapered look. Full featured but incredibly light at less than 1.5 kg, the VAIO Y can easily be slipped inside one’s briefcase or bag, lasting up to 4 hours without charging.

The VAIO Y’s isolated keyboard assures comfortable, precise typing. It is complemented by an intuitive touchpad for precision gestural control. The series is powered by an AMD Dual-Core Processor E-350 with AMD Radeon™ HD 6310 Discrete–Class Graphics, delivering an incredibly vivid and smooth HD experience, including comfortable playback of full HD video and faster internet operation.

VAIO Y features:
11.6″ widescreen VAIO Display w/ LED backlight
Supports HD video playback
Faster multi-tasking & social networking capabilities

Php 29,999.00
(available in silver, pink and green)

Truly Mobile. Remarkably Powerful.

The VAIO S, firm in its positioning as an enterprise tool, gets revitalized. Conceptualized for leaders not bound by borders, the VAIO S comes in a new beautiful magnesium hexa-shell design that is full-flat with a concealed hinge. Responding to the needs of constant business travel, a flat, extended battery is also available for the VAIO S. If both primary and extended batteries are attached, the VAIO smartly consumes the latter first, so users can leave it behind later on. A combined battery life from its primary and extended battery will provide mobile individuals productivity for almost 12 hours.

The minimalist 13-inch looker does not sacrifice on performance, with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor, 512 MB external graphics card, and a performance switch where you can manually change between the internal and external graphics chip depending on the usage

Every detail is put into thought with the new VAIO S. From the beautiful matte black and metallic pink colors, from the shape, materials, weight and even the accessories, the VAIO S is really the epitome of art. Not only did the product engineers think of the personality of VAIO users, they also took note of the needs of their customers. Thus, the VAIO S is perfect for both business and personal use for all with not only because of its powerful machinery but also its elegant look and mobility.

VAIO S features:
13.3″ widescreen VAIO Display Plus w/ LED Backlight
Full flat design for enhanced mobility
Hexa-shell design for superior robustness
Performance Switch instantly slects STAMINA or SPEED mode
Work and play longer with new smart battery concept

Php 69,999.00
(available in pink, blue, silver, white and black)

The First Ever 3D VAIO

Sony introduces the new VAIO F series, the first ever 3D VAIO. It brings a 16.0” full HD display enabling bright and crisp 3D images, optimized for comfortable, flicker-less viewing.

Powered by Intel® Core™ i7 Quad core processor and NVIDIA® GeForce GT 540M GPU, Sony borrows from the heritage of the BRAVIA and enables a frame sequential method with LED backlit control in the VAIO F.

It is bundled with a pair of active shutter glasses, an improvement to the passive polarized 3D screens used by other brands, ensuring sharper, brighter images with a super-fast response time and wide viewing angle. From movies to sports, games and more: users will be rewarded a more relaxed 3D experience, even after extended viewing periods.

The Sony 3D VAIO Technology may not be the first in the market, but it definitely is the BEST IN QUALITY. The product engineer of this particular model wanted to make sure that he can do the best that he can, thus, sacrificing the pioneering of this particular technology. But in the end, he succeeded and created the BEST 3D PC TECHNOLOGY in the market – and completing the brilliant Sony 3D World – strengthening the whole concept to offer the best 3D solution to the market to date.

VAIO F features:
16″ widescreen Full HD VAIO Display Premium 3D supported w/ LED Backlight
Play 3D Blu-ray Discs
Watch 3D Photos
Convert HD videos from 2D to 3D

Php 149,999.00

The Art of VAIO Realized

Founded on Sony’s make.believe philosophy, the art of VAIO is both an ongoing creative process and a final masterpiece. Embodied in the new line-up, it is also a spirit that comes full circle – challenging consumers not just to deliver and perform as needed, but to find new horizons and seek the fulfillment of their own passions. Indeed, it is appreciation of the finer things in life and artistic aspiration that propel the story of VAIO forward to what it is today.

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