Microsoft Powers the Future of Productivity through Immersion Experience

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Tech

Ms. Femee Cruz, Microsoft Philippines’ Information Worker Product Manager

In this day and age, technology increasingly plays a more vital role helping Filipino organizations to become more globally competitive. Through best-of-breed solutions, they are able to adopt capabilities enabling them to drive increased efficiency and productivity while reducing costs at the same time. With this in mind, Microsoft is empowering local firms with a host of business productivity solutions through its recently launched Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) program.

Femee Cruz, Information Worker Product Manager, Microsoft Philippines, explains the importance of the CIE to its audience, “Microsoft believes that businesses – whether big or small – need the right platform and tools to optimize productivity and attain maximum output from their workforce. The program offers the opportunity for users to experience first-hand how Microsoft technologies can help them communicate, collaborate, create and manage information more efficiently within the organization.”

“A very effective method of demonstrating the key features and benefits of Microsoft technologies to Filipinos is through the CIE, which is better than the usual classroom-type of discussion. It provides the participants with a hands-on experience of the various tools allowing them to better appreciate the features that are made available,” said Brett Medel, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, PNB Life Insurance, Inc. “Through the program, I’ve learned that the solutions and platforms that Microsoft is offering are key in increasing the productivity and efficiency of our employees in the workplace.”

The CIE lets business decision-makers enter a hands-on environment that encourages discussion on how the Microsoft technologies can be used in organizations. During the CIE, participants will be walked through a set of Microsoft solutions which focuses on various productivity capabilities that allow people to merge their emails and calendar better; work simultaneously on a single document; make better and faster decisions through self-service business intelligence; and be productive from anywhere using different devices.

The CIE is also an innovative way for customers to learn about Microsoft’s business platform and productivity tools such as Windows 7, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Lync and Windows Mobile, and how they work together.

By having Windows 7 as the operating system, local companies can take advantage of a cleaner, more enhanced computing experience, with its new features and shortcuts that make tasks easier to accomplish. It also offers an integrated user experience with Microsoft’s productivity suite, Microsoft Office 2010, which allows users to stay on top of their work using familiar interfaces of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, enabling increased productivity across the PC, phone and browser. With Office Web Apps, users can save files online, as well as let them access, view and edit from virtually anywhere.

Microsoft Office 2010 works in direct connection with SharePoint, which delivers the business collaboration platform for the enterprise and Internet, enabling developers to rapidly respond to business needs with custom applications and solutions. For end-users, SharePoint helps the organization work better, faster and smarter by permitting them to set up Web sites to share information among workers, manage documents and easily publish and access reports online, for a more efficient collaboration within the organization and handling of data.

Organizations will also benefit from cost-effective and flexible communication tools like Microsoft’s Exchange and Lync. Through Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, organizations will achieve new levels of reliability and performance with features that provide its users the freedom to securely access all of their communications, whether e-mail, voice mail and instant messaging, from virtually any platform.

In addition to this, companies can benefit from Microsoft Lync, the next generation of communications technology, which connects people in new ways. Lync is a single platform that integrates instant messaging, presence, audio, video and web conferencing, with a single interface that works with applications businesses know best and use today including Office, SharePoint and Exchange.

“The Customer Immersion Experience is a good way for business leaders to understand the key technologies that improve business productivity, what it can do for the organization, as well as identify the right set of services which can cater to specific business needs. Filipino companies can now minimize expenses, innovate and grow, with the help of all these products working together,” says Cruz.

  1. marco paulo says:

    Undoubtedly, more and more Filipino entrepreneurs are exploring the endless possibilities that technology could provide. I believe that the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) program is a very effective way of learning, compared to the typical classroom setting. Hands-on experience allows better understanding of the technology. With this, one can truly appreciate the vital role that computers plays in the business industry.

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