Canon Launches Vixia FS400 Flash Camcorder

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Tech
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Easy to use and convenient to carry around, the new VIXIA FS400 digital camcorders is highly suited for everyday use, for wanderlust travellers, and as an entry-level video camera for beginners.

Easier To Use than Ever
The VIXIA FS400 comes with a large range of features built in that makes video recording easy enough for anyone to make the most of its user-friendly features. An improved Video Snapshot mode takes video clips in short snippets to show just the right moments to keep their audience’s attention. This keeps the captured footage tight and interesting, without any long dragging pauses in between golden moments. In the previous model, Video Snapshot was restricted to 4-second clips, but users now have more control and can set the recording length to 2, 4, or 8 seconds.

For users who like to alternate between video and still photos, Dual Shot mode makes this task easy. No longer will users need to fumble with a dial to switch between modes; now, they can instantly take a fuss-free photo simply by pushing the photo button.

Sometimes, key moments can happen before your reflexes can act on it. The Pre-recording function helps compensate for that. This function automatically buffers 3 seconds of footage before a user starts recording so that important, fleeting moments are not lost even if the record button was pressed too late.

Night shots are traditionally difficult to capture. The new Night Scene mode was designed to recognize these shots and adjust the FS400’s settings accordingly. Users can now easily shoot dramatic, low-light scenes such as couple’s silhouettes against a golden sunset or dazzling city lights.

Outstanding Video Quality
The VIXIA FS400 is powered by a 1/6-inch CCD to capture gorgeous, true-to-life footages while its powerful, 41x Advanced Zoom allows users to record distant subjects, such as animals in the zoo, for close-ups that appear right in front of the viewer. To ensure a comfortable viewing experience, the Image Stabilizer has a Dynamic mode which aids to correct camera shake associated with users who take videos while walking or going up and down a flight of stairs, resulting in smooth and graceful videos that are pleasant to watch.

Convenient At Any Time
With a camcorder that fits in the palm of your hand like those from the VIXIA FS series, documenting life’s most important moments becomes that much more convenient. Weighing in at only 220g, about the same as an average smart phone, this compact device is the ideal constant companion.

Users with hectic lifestyles who often forget to charge their devices will also appreciate the Quick Charge feature, as it takes a mere 20 minutes to charge the video camera enough for a full hour’s worth of shooting.

Flash Memory
Many of these features are made possible with the use of Flash memory, which results in reduced size and weight, lower power consumption and vibration-resistant operation. The VIXIA FS400 houses a SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot which supports up to 41 hours and 40 minutes of footage with a 64GB SDXC card.


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