Canon Launches New PowerShot A-Series Cameras

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Tech
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Canon launches five new PowerShot A-series compact digital cameras that offer greater artistic expression, enhanced controls, and many new intuitive features, making them the perfect choice for beginner photo enthusiasts.

In response to consumers’ clamour for creative photo applications, Canon has integrated popular creative filters into its new cameras, the PowerShot A3300 IS, PowerShot A3200 IS, PowerShot A2200 and PowerShot A1200. These in-camera options allow users to apply six new special effects to their photos. Fish-eye, Miniature, Super Vivid, Poster and the new Toy Camera and Monochrome effects are now available to enhance the user’s photographic options instantly as they shoot.

The Toy Camera effect, in three different style settings, conjures fun images that resemble photos shot with a pinhole camera; while the Monochrome effect allows users to shoot in black and white, sepia, or blue to add that extra oomph of drama to their shots.

These new cameras also have a Live Control mode, an easier means to manually control your camera’s settings. It allows adjustment in brightness levels (from dark to light), color saturation (from neutral to vivid), and tonal range (from cool to warm) to achieve the perfect image according to the user’s preference.

The aforementioned cameras are also capable of HD movie recording so users can now effortlessly shoot sharp, high quality HD 1280 x 720 videos with clear audio track. Aside from this new feature, users can also apply Miniature Effect in Movie which allows shooting at a slower frame rate to achieve dramatic and compelling time-lapse style videos and effectively make their scenes appear like miniatures.

Lastly, the Discreet function provides users to quickly change their cameras’ disruptive functions for situations where they are not appropriate, such as in museums or during music recitals. This convenient one-step navigation disables the flash, AF assist light and sets the camera to mute in a split second.

Canon Superior Imaging Technologies

Canon PowerShot A3300 IS

The enhanced Smart Auto mode in PowerShot A3300 IS, A3200 IS, A2200 and A1200 is capable of detecting up to 32 different scenes (from 28 scenes in preceding models) while the PowerShot A800 can detect up to 19 scenes. Instant analysis of the environment via a myriad of algorithms for elements such as brightness and distance of the subject, the

Enhanced Smart Auto intuitively selects an appropriate scene and adjusts exposure and settings so users can start shooting instantly.

Powered by Canon’s renowned DIGIC imaging processor, the new PowerShot A-series cameras capture stunning images that truly reflect the mood and beauty of the moment.

Dynamic Image Stabilization

Canon PowerShot A3200 IS

Dynamic IS was previously only available in Canon’s high-end PowerShot cameras and VIXIA camcorders but the new PowerShot A3300 IS and A3200 IS can do steady video footage even when recording on the move. They are also the first PowerShot A-series digital cameras to be swathed in sleek, stylish aluminium covers.

With an impressive aperture of f/2.8, users of the PowerShot A3300 IS and PowerShot A3200 IS can take sharper photos even in low light conditions. The larger aperture size allows more light to enter the image sensor as shutter speed increases in deterrence of camera shake.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Canon PowerShot A2200

The sleek design of the PowerShot A2200 is intended for enhanced ease of use. Its slim body design and concave finger-rest at the top of the camera is a result of Canon’s aim to improve ergonomics. Upon testing of the camera, users will immediately notice that their finger rests comfortably at the shutter release button and that all the other controls are within easy reach.

This camera comes equipped with a 28mm wide-angle lens, 14.1 megapixels, with 4x Optical Zoom. The A2200 is available in four high-intensity colors – red, blue, silver, and black.

Style and Versatility

Canon PowerShot A1200

The PowerShot A1200 offers the full repertoire of Canon’s Smart Auto mode along with the new Live Control, Discreet and Blur Reduction shooting modes to give users greater versatility in capturing the images they desire.

The A1200 is available in silver and stealth black with a front lens ring in a hexavalent chromium metallic silver finish or a glossy black finish that matches the color of the cameras. Users are able to have more flexibility to compose and frame their shots with its 2.7-inch LCD screen and optical viewfinder along with a 12.1-megapixel image sensor, 28mm wide-angle lens with 4x Optical Zoom.

Compact and Convenient

Canon PowerShot A800

The PowerShot A800 is created with the needs of the novice photographer in mind. This double-A powered camera takes high-resolution, 10-megapixel photos and has an Optical Zoom range of up to 3.3x. It was also designed for enhanced ergonomics with smooth curvatures and an improved grip. The camera comes in four colors – red, silver, blue, and black.


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