New Canon EOS 600D Unveiled

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Tech
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Canon’s latest entry-level DSLR delivers many of the very same features and functions shared by higher-end models, granting all kinds of creative freedom and power to amateur photographers and first-time DSLR users.

Superior Capabilities

Even though the EOS 600D is priced as an entry-level DSLR, it is powered by a 18 megapixel high image quality CMOS sensor, providing it with the ability to capture high resolution photos. High resolution photos are not only sharper, but can also be zoomed and cropped while preserving precious details. This is backed up by the powerful DIGIC 4 image processor which can process photos faster and reduce noise even at higher ISO settings for clearer photos.

To capture fast-moving subjects such as children or athletes, the EOS 600D uses high speed 9-point auto-focus to quickly detect subjects and focus on them. Once focused, the EOS 600D can continuously shoot up to 3.7 frames per second, and up to 34 pictures in jpeg and 6 RAW. This continuous shooting capability is not only suitable for sports, but can also be used to photograph fidgety children or pets to get that one perfect moment.

Working with multiple flashes used to be a function reserved for higher-grade cameras, but the EOS 600D includes a built-in wireless flash transmitter to do just that (A first for entry-level DSLR). By being able to trigger flash units located away from the camera, entry level users are now given more freedom to experiment with different mood and dramatic lighting techniques.

Ease of Use

Scene Intelligent Auto is a new feature that analyzes a variety of factors like faces, color tones and movement to automatically determine if you are shooting people, sunsets, or other scenes. Once a scene has been detected, the EOS 600D will automatically make fine adjustments to exposure, focus, color saturation and white balance to enhance the photo’s look to suit that scene. For example, Picture Style Auto evaluates nature and outdoor scenes and adjusts their blues and greens so that they’re more vividly expressed than in standard shots, skin color is also carefully calibrated to make more natural looking portraits.

Basic+ is another feature that helps you achieve better images. With a simple press of the Quick Setting button, you can choose to shoot your photo based on the available light sources. Instead of going through options like Sharpness, Contrast and Color Tone, users can choose from easily understandable options such as Vivid, Cool, Cloudy or Sunset and the EOS 600D can automatically adjust its settings to suit these conditions resulting to richer colors or more dramatic contrasts.

Trickier angles are also made easier with the 3-inch wide Vari-angle Clear View LCD monitor. This LCD screen can be folded out and swivelled so that pictures can be properly framed at any angle. You could hold it up high to get a crowd shot over someone else’s head, or hold it down low for dramatic low-angle shots. Some cameras use a vertical open-out monitor that can get in your way when the camera is held sideways for a portrait shot or when used with a tripod. The EOS 600D’s flexible LCD screen folds out horizontally, making it more convenient and avoids such complications.

The new Feature Guide makes adjusting settings easier than ever. All functions and settings are now accompanied by simple descriptions to help users understand the terminology and even suggest the ideal usage of functions. For example, when choosing among different ISO speeds, a guide will appear to explain which situation that ISO speed is most suitable for.

Moving Pictures

Not only can the EOS 600D take stunning 18-megapixel photos, but it can also shoot Full HD videos too. Its movie making capabilities include shooting video at ISO 6400, for gorgeous night shots, dramatic background blurring with the large format sensor to achieve the bokeh effect, and a digital zoom that goes up to 10x when shooting movies if you don’t have a telephoto lens on you while shooting.

A new function for the EOS 600D is the Video Snapshot function, which shoots quick clips at 2, 4, or 8 seconds in length. These snippets can then be played back together like a short home movie for easy enjoyment.

Express Yourself

For the first time, advanced creative filters are available in an entry-level camera. These five filters allow you to apply special effects such as Soft Focus, Toy Camera, and a Fish-eye to your photos, giving your photos a different appeal and making photography more fun. Filters can even be combined for an even wider range of possibilities.

Expressing yourself means sharing your creative vision with friends and family, and the EOS 600D allows both still photos and video snapshots to be played back together with background music for maximum enjoyment. The camera comes equipped with 5 songs but you can import your own music via the SD card.

For social media enthusiasts, the EOS 600D is capable of automatically resizing its high-resolution images to smaller JPEG images that are more suitable for blogs or websites. This in camera function save users an extra step and allows them to devote more time to writing wittier captions or better yet, hone their photography skills.

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