Samsung Launches Two New Advanced Air Conditioners

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Tech
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Mr. KC Park, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation’s CEO and President

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation, a global leader in digital convergence technologies, launches two new air conditioners, the Maldives Inverter split type and the Boracay split type units that blend beautiful, smart design with advanced, sophisticated air cooling technology that can reduce energy usage by up to 60 percent.

With both the Maldives and Boracay series, consumers no longer have to turn their air conditioner off and on to maintain a comfortable room temperature. Both the Maldives and Boracay series feature Samsung’s Smart Saver mode, in which the air conditioner’s compressor operates in the least amount of time to cool the room, saving electricity.

Boracay Series

The Maldives and Boracay Series also include Samsung’s Full High Density Filter, which purifies the air. The Full High Density Filter offers improved filtration by removing microscopic dust particles and purifying polluted air. The existing Crystal Premium Inverter split type, on the other hand, purifies the air in two ways. First is the Full High Density filter, similar to the new models. Then an advanced S-Plasma ion completes the filtration process with an anti-bacteria coating that can collect even the smallest dust particles and viruses for a fresher, healthier environment.

Samsung Electronics – Digital Air Solutions Head, Mr. Leo Estallo, with his team

“With the Full High Density Filter, this feature can eliminate up to 80 percent of dust, which is double the dust collection efficiency of other conventional air conditioners. The full HD filter removes even the smallest dust particle and traps allergy-causing bacteria.,” said Leo Estallo, Head of Digital Air Solutions, Samsung Electronics. “Coupled with Maldives’ inverter technology, Samsung’s Digital Air Solutions products enable consumers to lead healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyles.”

Maldives Series

The Maldives Series is powered by Samsung’s Smart Inverter technology, which allows consumers to save energy while the system is on and off. When the system is turned on, increased control technology maintains ideal temperatures without constantly starting and stopping the compressor, which reduces the amount of wasted energy. With the Inverter technology, consumers stand to save up to 60% on energy consumption. When the system is turned off, an improved control board uses low dosages of energy that saves consumers 90 percent more energy than conventional air conditioners.

With less noise and vibration, the Maldives Inverter split and Boracay split Series systems allow consumers to sleep in a quiet, peaceful setting while remaining comfortably cool. Both systems feature Samsung’s “good’sleep” mode, which offers the ideal temperatures needed to quickly fall asleep, maintain a comfortable sleep environment and to awake refreshed. At the same time, good’sleep reduces up to 36 percent of electricity consumption compared to normal cooling modes.

The Maldives Inverter and Boracay split Series also feature Samsung’s Triple Protector technology, a powerful cooling system with constant volt control and effective anti-corrosion coating that offers fresh, cool air for an extended amount of time. Each internal layer of the Triple Protector provides added reliability and durability:

• Engine Protector – Samsung’s distinctive engine protector prevents the compressor from being overloaded by heat in severely hot weather or unstable electricity circumstances.

• Controller Protector – The advanced digital controller auto-adjusts to avoid breakdowns from unstable power supplies. This special technology withstands power fluctuations from 80V to 400V so users always have unbeatable coolness regardless of circumstance.

• Fin Protector – With time, the condenser of the air conditioner becomes rusty and breaks down. However, the Maldives Inverter and Boracay Split type systems are protected with an interior anti-rust fin to ensure consistent, long lasting performance.

Virus Doctor Plasma Ionizer
Also launched was Samsung’s revolutionary Virus Doctor Plasma Ionizer, which features its latest Virus Doctor or SPi (Super Plasma ion) technology. The device uses the SPi technology which generates Hydrogen and Oxygen ions to convert biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses into harmless water vapour.

Common home allergens such as dust mites and micro organisms in pet hair can also be eliminated by the Virus Doctor for a pollutant free indoor environment. The Virus Doctor is especially useful in removing allergens which trigger rhinitis and asthma.

SA60xC Series

A compact and convenient electronic device, users can bring along the Virus Doctor to purify any indoor space. Just plug in the user-friendly Virus Doctor to enjoy purer and cleaner air within 20 minutes of activation.

SA50xT Series

Featuring a simple yet luxurious design, the Virus Doctor is a pleasant addition that complements any interior furnishing. With the Virus Doctor, consumers now have a good looking device that can provide purer and cleaner air anywhere.

Control Panel: Soft touch control
Control wind & waves, mood lamp on/off
Capacity: 10m2
Display Panorama: LED
Dimension: 232mm (H) x 96mm (W)
Adaptor: DC 12V Adaptor

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