Sony Launches 6 New Dazzling Projectors

Posted: April 4, 2011 in Tech
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Sony releases another viewing innovations, the company launches their latest set of projectors which will bring viewing experience to another level. These new cutting edge innovations from Sony give its customers 6 new varieties of projectors to choose from.

The six new models of projectors – VPL-HW20, VPL-VW0ES 3D home theater projector, VPL-FH500L, VPL-FH30, VPL-EW130 (the latest of VPL-E series projectors) and the VPL-EX series which includes four new versatile models- VPL-EX100, VPL-EX120, VPL-EX145,VPL-EX175 – all made and innovated with their different set of amazing features that customers must see.


Utilizing Sony’s cinema-quality SXRD panel technology, the VPL-HW20 provides a vibrant, bright full HD picture for screens as big as 150”.

Sony’s Advance Iris 3 technology makes the VPL-HW20 projector deliver a picture quality that works like the human eye, responding dynamically to the level of light in each scene and always selecting the optimum contrast.

Advanced Iris 3 can bring out the detail in darker sequences and prevent bright scenes from looking washed out, delivering an improved brightness of 1300 lumens. The result is stunningly high, true dynamic contrast ratio of 80,000;1. Sony’s updated 1920 x 1080 SXRD panels – built to deliver a consistently superior image produced across the entire screen.

The VPL-HW20 projector can deliver over 6.2 million pixels approximately twice as much as other 720p HD-ready projectors in the market. The film quality smoothness by minimizing the space between pixels for crisp and vivid images with unrivalled clarity is provided by SXRD. It was also equipped with the All Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens which offers a 1.6x manual zoom and both vertical and horizontal adjustment, simplifying projector set-up and helping users achieve a good picture in a variety of environments.

In order to generate a picture that is optimized both in the accuracy of the contrast and the precision of the color reproduction, the VPL-HW20’s digital processing system consist of eight separate stages of image enhancement– carried out in real time — each with a specialized function. And with an ultra quiet fan, users can watch even the quickest parts of movies with no audible distractions from the projector.


Sony’s first 3D home theatre projector, the VPL-VW90ES brings big-screen viewing into your living room. VPL-VW90ES 3D home theatre projector utilizes Sony’s active shutter 3D glasses. With the ability to project 3D in Full HD 1080p, the VPL-VW90Es features an upgraded SXRD panel and it is the first 3D projector. Its high frame rate of 240Hz minimizes crostalk (double imaging) and delivers an unrivalled 24p True Cinema 3D. The extraordinary dynamic contrast ratio of 150,000;1 produces astounding black sharpness and deep black levels. The projector is capable of taking 2D video and stimulating 3d images with the press of a button, injecting new life to classic movies and games, allowing a wide variety of content to be enjoyed.

The best feature of VPL-VW09ES is the customization, the projector is simple to setup and ideally suited to meet a wide range of installation configurations. the user can personalize the projector depending on the content they are showing and the size of the room they are in.

VPL-EW130 (VPL-E Series)

Known for its high performance and eco-friendly features while embodying great balance between quality and cost. VPL-E series of projectors has now expanded to include the VPL-EW130 3LCD projector in native Wide XGA (WXGA) resolution. With a brightness of 3000 lumens, this new projector is ideal for education and office use.

VPL-EW130 also features ‘ECO’ mode, where users can switch to ‘ECO’ setting easily to save energy. If there is no signal input for 10 minutes, the projector lamp will automatically turn off– saving ample power and energy expenses.

The lamp and filter synchronization maintenance is an intelligent feature which prompts users- within approximately 6,000 hours- to replace both lamp and clean the filter at the same time.

The projector features 3LCD projection system, using three LCD panels where images projected are bright, natural and gentle on the eyes.

Equipped with 1.3x manual zoom lens flexible installation, there is no need to change the ceiling mount positions. The built-in HDMI terminal pomotes convenient connectivity for transmitting high quality images as well as music via the 1W speaker.

VPL-EX Series- VPL-EX100, VPL-EX120, VPL-EX145, VPL-EX175

This series of high-brightness 3LCD are not only environment-friendly, but also cost-effective. With features such as the ‘ECO’ mode to save energy and reduce ecological footprint that harms our environment, it consumes only less than 1W of power when in standby mode and will automatically turn off if there is no signal input for 10 minutes.

The VPL-EX series projectors deliver extremely long lamp replacement time of 6,000 hours in low mode, it is because it embodies newly developed high performance lamp and sony’s advanced lamp-control technology. The intelligent feature of this series of projectors is the lamp and filter synchronization maintenance which assist users when the air filter needs to be changed. Users can replace both the lamp and and filter at the same time which effectively cuts down maintenance efforts and costs over the lifetime of the projector.

Unlike conventional ones, these projectors run very cool because of its unique design and engineering creativity of the exhausts. With the exhaust built at the front of the projetor, users can manage optimum presentation even in a quiet environment and not be bothered by noise and hot air. A VPL-EX series projector can be immediately moved to another location without delay and hassle free by just simply turning it off and unplugging the AC power cord without waiting for the fan to stop.

Equipped with 1.3x standard zoom lens for flexible installation, there is no need to change ceiling mount positions. VPL-EX series is a series of projectors that are best for mid to small sized classrooms or meeting rooms.

VPL-FH500L and VPL-FH30

These two latest WUXGA (Wide Ultra XGA) projectors from Sony has an outstanding picture resolution (1920×1200). Derived from Sony’s award-winning 3LCD Bright Era Technology, these projectors for professional use are well suited for auditoriums, lecture theaters, large meeting rooms and conference rooms within the corporate, education and healthecare sectors looking for superior cost and performance ratio, wide panel projectors.

With more end-user content being created in HD, the VPL-FH30 and VPL-FH500L convey best in class picture resolution to ensure none of the image is lost when projected. Made especially for high ceiling environments like Churches, Schools and auditoriums, both projectors are capable of extreme shift lens. This unique feature do away with the need to tilt the projector that causes damage in the image quality.

With the Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) defined in Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM), this two new projectors are ideal for use in healthcare institutions where being able to view minute imaging details is crucial. Making it possible to use for medical training and conference purposes in hospitals, medical centres and universities for presenting X-ray, CT and MRI images.

The VPL-FH500L features twin lamp system at 7000 lumens capable for automatic backup for uninterrupted lectures, meetings and conferences. While the VPL-FH30 has a light output for 4300 lumens and 1.6x manual zoom, which let on for high magnification of up to 40″ to 600″ screen size.

Sony’s WUXGA projector range features an innovative Quad Filter System which uses a single airflow system to avoid nearly all dust particles from entering the projector. An ideal innovation for dusty lecture halls. The VPL-FH30 filter has an average lifespan of 15,000 hours and can be cleaned when it is time to replace the lamp. For VPL-FH500L, the replacement filter can be changed once every 8000hrs. By synchronising the projectors’ filter-clean (VPL-FH30) or Filter-change (VPL-FH500L) cycles with the lamp replacement cycle, it leads to cost savings and reduced maintenance efforts.

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