Blackberry Introduces Blackberry PlayBook and Blackberry Tablet OS

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Tech
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Mr. Irwin Tan, RIM’s Head of Product Management for South East Asia

Research in Motion (RIM) introduces the new professional-grade Blackberry PlayBook tablet and Blackberry Tablet OS onboard inside their Blackberry PlayBook bus.

The Blackberry Playbook is designed to give users what they want, uncompromised web browsing with full Adobe Flash support, true multitasking and high performance multimedia, while also providing advanced security features, out-of-the-box enterprise support and a breakthrough development platform for IT departments and developers.

7″ LCD Display, 1024×600 screen resolution
3MP HD forward-facing camera
5MP HD rear-facing camera
Multi-touch capacitive screen
1GHz dual-core processor
Full Adobe Flash 10.1 enabled
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity
3G Network access using Blackberry smartphone as a modem

Blackberry PlayBook tablet showcases amazing key features ideal for personal and business matters alike. Measuring with less than half an inch thick and weighing less than a pound, it features new Blackberry Tablet OS which supports symmetric multiprocessing. This cutting edge technology from Blackberry also provides support for Adobe Flash Player 10, Adobe Mobile AIR and HTML-5. It also includes dual HD cameras for Video capture and video conferencing. The Blackberry PlayBook is enterprise ready and compatible with Blackberry Enterprise server and is possible to pair with Blackberry Smartphone both functional with the use of Blackberry Bridge. Most of all it is an ideal tablet for architecture, with the Blackberry Tablet OS built upon the QNX Neutrino microkernel architecture it can deliver exceptional performance, high scalability, Common Criteria EAL 4+ security and support for industry standard tools.

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