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Mr. Raymond Goh, Symantec’s Regional Technical Director for Systems Engineering and Customer Advisory Services

Symantec Corp. announced the findings of its Internet Security Report, Volume 16, which shows a massive volume of more than 286 million new threats last year, accompanied by several new megatrends in the threat

The report highlights dramatic increases in both the frequency and sophistication of targeted attacks on enterprises; the continued growth of social networking sites as an attack distribution platform; and a change in attackers’ infection tactics, increasingly targeting vulnerabilities in Java to break into traditional computer systems. In addition, the report explores how attackers are exhibiting a notable shift in focus toward mobile devices.

Mr. Manuel Wong, Acer Philippines’ General Manager

ACER is out on a mission to improve computer connection, file sharing and protection together with the releases of their latest models of smartphones, laptops, projectors and the new iconia tablet.