Alcatel-Lucent unveils LightRadio™: the Future of Wireless Broadband

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Tech
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Mr. Jonathan Goh, President and Managing Director, Alcatel-Lucent Philippines

Leading network technology provider Alcatel-Lucent sets the bar for the future of mobile technology with the groundbreaking LightRadio™ which essentially de-clutters costly, massive and unsightly cell towers and base stations around the world. The result is miniature, almost invisible mobile network infrastructure that can fit a human hand.

“This latest strategy for mobile broadband allows network providers to be better prepared for impending challenges in Internet connectivity. For service providers, lightRadio is the innovative solution to expanding and evolving LTE networks to meet the data demands of the future,” Mick Higgins, the principal of Alcatel-Lucent’s wireless competence center for Asia Pacific said.

Mr. Francesco Berardi, Customer Solutions and Sales Support Director, Alcatel-Lucent Philippines

LightRadio is empowered by miniature antennas that combine 2G, 3G, and Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems on a single multi-frequency Wideband Active Array Antenna. This technology will eventually enable the easier creation of broadband coverage anywhere that has power and paving the way towards real universal broadband access.

Mr. Michael Higgins, Wireless Competence Centre Leader, Alcatel-Lucent Philippines

“Network providers can save billions of income annually and improve overall subscriber experience as lightRadio eliminates the need for costly cell tower infrastructures, including its maintenance fees and power costs,” Mr. Higgins explained.

Industry leaders have warmly received the lightRadio innovation. Last March, it won first place in the 2011 CTIA E-Tech Competition honoring emerging mobile technologies. , LightRadio was also recognized by the leading industry magazine NGNfor outstanding new achievement in broadband Internet communications


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