Qualcomm Introduces the Snapdragon family of mobile processors

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Tech
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Qualcomm introduces a family of new mobile processors, the Snapdragon S2, S3 and S4, that redefines mobility for consumers around the world by offering an optimal combination of mobile processing performance, powerful multimedia, wireless connectivity and power efficiency to enable a new generation of advanced smartphones, tablets and other smart dervices.

Snapdragon S2 processors are packed with everything a business need for a best-in-class experience on high-performance smartphones and tablets. It features a high-performance computing on the go; next-level graphics; mobile broadband connectivity; rich audio and video features; dual-camera supports up to 12 megapixels; advanced security options; and highly accurate GPS.

Unmatched multi-tasking, advanced gaming – and the battery life you’ve been waiting for is what the Snapdragon S3 promises. It incorporates the best features that trigger unparalleled experience on high-performance smartphones and tablets. It boasts a blazing-fast computing performance; visually stunning graphics; mobile broadband connectivity; high-definition and high-resolution support; advanced Dolby 5.1 surround sound audio; dual-camera support up to 16 megapixels; stereoscopic 3D capture and playback; advanced security options and highly accurate GPS.

Hailed as a “System on Chip Solutions for a New Mobile Age,” the Snapdragon S4 truly meets the demanding needs of the modern generation. It is the first mobile processors to be manufactured using the latest 28mm technology. The Snapdragon S4 also uses ARM instruction set” architecture (ISA) and Qualcomm’s second generation CPU known as “Krait” that enables best performance and power efficiency. Additionally, the new Adreno 225 Graphics processing unit completes the package to increase GPU performance.

Based on the current statistics, there are currently 100+ Snapdragon-based devices announced with more than 200 Snapdragon-based devices in development, including 30 tablets. The numbers are increasing and Qualcomm is expecting for these gadgets to be announced soon next year.


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