Krator: Speakers that will leave a mark

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Tech
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A huge explosion on the ground, an asteroid landing on a planet or a volcanic activity will definitely leave a crater because of their tremendous impact. Figuratively, music lovers want their speaker to be like that. Luckily, Krator speakers has finally landed in the Philippines.

Derived from the word “impact crater” which means visible depressions left on the surface of planets and moons, Krator wants the same kind of vigorous impact and visible change on their products on the face of the consumer audio and gaming industry, Sales Manager Irene Chen discussed during the launching of Krator speakers.

Ms. Irene Chen, KWorld Computer Sales Manager for Krator

Owned and developed by KWorld Computer Co., Ltd., Krator is a brand with attitude, especially focused on innovation and creativity. Its product is especially designed with aesthetic and imagination to fit into your daily life. Krator speakers incorporate the latest in acoustic science with innovative design to deliver high-fidelity sound and looks.

Neso 02 N2-21030

The Neso 02 N2-21030 speaker system with two satellites plus subwoofer, delivers a total of 30 watts RMS output power. Built only with high quality components, it features a solid wood 9mm MDF board cabinet subwoofer with a 5.25″ long-throw driver for incredible bass power and two wood satellite speakers each with a 2.5″ driver, producing high-definition sound. The control panel on the right side of the subwoofer has built in controls for easy access: Volume, Bass and Treble. Compact, wood body speakers make a striking visual statement. The steel brush costing front cover reveals bold spirits with intrepid character and refreshes the image of wood speaker. This elegant speaker is up for grabs for only Php3,995.00.

Neso 04 N4-21035

For only Php3,995.00, the Neso 04 N4-21035is the latest 3-piece speaker system with 35 watts RMS audio output from Krator. A modern, elegant design let this fabulous system fit perfectly with your style. With the breathtaking subwoofer pushing stupendous explosion bass, the 4-inch subwoofer unit driver delivers enormous sound. Satellites featured with 1-inch Mylar which delivers crystal highs. Another 3-inch Fiber unit driver provides warm bass and good resonance. Fiber is a material with better extensibility than regular paper used in unit driver dorm. Especially, Krator use the driver edge with good tenacity, which makes it more powerful when drum beat comes.

Neso 04 N4-21U26

Enjoy a quality audio performance without compromise with Neso 04 N4-21U26, a 2-way satellite design with powerful subwoofer, amazes you with its superior sound performance and avant-garde design. The exclusive aligned audio technology “Ultra-USB 2.1ch” applied on N4-21U26 enhances music with power and clarity. With 1-inch Mylar high-frequency driver and 3-inch full-range driver, N4-21U26 delivers a dynamic sound performance. Subwoofer is featured with 4-inch long-throwing driver which delivers explosive bass. This stylish speaker is only Php2,400.00.

Neso 04 N4-20U05

Neso 04 N4-20U05 promises to amaze your senses by its explosive sound. The aligned audio technology applied on this speaker brings you full-spectrum sound performance. Total 5 watts R.M.S. fulfill your needs for better audio environment when using notebook. Beautifully simple, N4-20U05 enables you enjoy music anytime. Just by plugging 3.5mm audio cable to your MP3, iPod, iPhone, N4-20U05 will transmit audio with perfect performance. Built with volume and bass adjustable buttons in the back, N4-20U05 offers the most convenience for you at just Php700.00.

Mr. Manuel Abad, Business Development Manager of PC Chain Superstore demoed the Krator speakers to the media

In 2010, Krator NESO 01 Legacy Wood series was awarded the Taiwan Excellence, a government recognition seal awarded to a brand considered to be of highest standards and strong market potential. In honor of this award, Krator will continue its dedication in creating audio innovation targeting the multi-media industry, bringing more original designs, high quality products to the world.

Krator is now available at PC Chain Stores in SM North Edsa, SM Marilao, Alabang Town Center and Viramall. All products have 1+1 year warranty: 1 year product replacement and 1 year product repair.

With its elegant design and high fidelity quality, Krator will surely leave a crater in our musical compassion.

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