Lenovo Mobile marries technology and quality with affordability

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Tech
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Looking for a branded, trendy and techie mobile phone in an affordable price? Your long wait is over as Lenovo Mobile Communications Technology Ltd., China’s leading mobile phone manufacturer, is offering Lenovo mobile phones through Open Communications Inc. and it has more than 2,000 retail outlets nationwide.

“We at Open Communications, Inc. are honored to be chosen by Lenovo to distribute its mobile phones in the Philippines,” said business unit head Hyacinth Serrano, adding “We will help establish Lenovo as the top-of-mind brand in quality and affordability.”

According to Serrano, they are targeting tech-savvy and fashion-oriented teenagers and young professionals on the strength of Lenovo’s brand and product image. The branded phones, which range from the classic bar to the popular QWERTY and Android, will sell for P10,000 and below and are already available at some of the leading stores nationwide.

“Lenovo is known worldwide for its stylish, affordable computer and mobile phone products that don’t compromise quality and durability. The phones boast of world-class hardware and software technology that Lenovo is known for,” Serrano said.

Lenovo phones use a single manufacturing platform for all parts and components to ensure utmost quality and reliability. The mobile phones also go through several quality control tests similar to what Lenovo laptops and desktop PCs are subjected to.

“The Lenovo mobile phones also have distinct traits and personalities similar to our target market,” Serrano said.

The new Lenovo mobile phones include the S800 fashion phone, A60 Android phone, Q350 Internet phone, Q330 QWERTY phone, A336 gaming phone, and E156 basic phone.

The Lenovo S800 is the perfect accessory for “fashionistas” who want to stay in touch, in style. Apart from its sleek design, the S800 swanks a 2.4-inch color display that’s completely see-through. A built-in answering machine, 2MP camera/webcam and other features make the phone both chic and functional.

The Lenovo A60 is for those who want to keep in touch and stay in touch with the hottest apps. It is a dual-SIM phone equipped with the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS for easy downloading of apps. The A60 also has a 3.5 inch HVGA capacitive multi-touch screen and built-in portable WiFi spot.

The Lenovo Q350 is the perfect gadget for those who are constantly online and on the go. This QWERTY phone has a built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, push mail and social networking apps (Facebook, Twitter, Nimbuzz and Opera Mini browser) that offer more ways to share experiences with the world.

The Lenovo Q330 is a full QWERTY phone that is ideal for those who can’t get enough of social networking. It has a built-in Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger and Opera Mini browser that allow one to share experiences with the world.

The Lenovo A336 is for the avid gamer and music lover. Its built-in game simulator allows users to download free NES ROMs through the Internet, save it onto a micro SD card and play it on the phone with its dedicated and customizable game keys and 2.4-inch screen. It also has dedicated MP3 music keys and password protection for messages, phonebook, call logs and gallery files.

The Lenovo E156 is a dual SIM phone for those who wish to talk and enjoy a few more add-ons. On top of standard features such as music player, FM radio and voice recorder, the E156 is GPRS and WAP capable to enable users to access information on the go and stay connected with friends on social networking sites.

“These mobile phones will be equipped with world-class hardware and software technology that Lenovo has always been for. And most, if not all, will have distinct features that you wouldn’t expect from a phone of its class,” Serrano concluded.

Check out the full features of Lenovo mobile phones at www.lenovomobile.com.ph.

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