Samsung Hosts the First Smart TV Apps Congress in the Philippines

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Tech
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Smart TVs are making their way in the industry. Its popularity has triggered Samsung to come up with an event hailed as the Samsung Smart TV Apps Congress, the first of its kind held in the Philippines.

The mission of the first Smart TV Apps Congress in the country is to inspire software developers to design apps that are suitable and helpful to the Filipino consumers. There are enormous apps available for Samsung Smart TVs, however, Samsung believes that by creating apps locally, it will allow Filipino users to maximize their capabilities and the advantages of Samsung Smart TV.

In line with the mission to create localized apps, Samsung launched a Developers’ Challenge that is open to students and corporate entities. Participants should prepare a concept paper containing the proposed application title, category (which ranges from sports, lifestyle, information, education, and utilities), application description, features, sample screenshots or layout, and proponent’s contact information such as name, school or company, school or company address, email address and phone or mobile numbers.

All concept paper should be submitted on or before November 14, 2011. There is also a Non-Disclosure Agreement that is needed to be signed. Once the requirements are fulfilled, participants will gain access to the Smart TV’s development kit. Winners will be notified through email and will have a cash prize of Php100,000, a Samsung Smart TV, as well as a partnership with Samsung. Interested applicants may contact Ms. Sophia Singanon at

Samsung also discuss the detailed information about the technology underlying the Smart TV OS. The discussion aims to help developers to have a better understanding and create apps that are relevant to fulfill the mission of the challenge.

Moreover, during the Apps Congress, Samsung showcased the freshest apps available for their Smart TVs. Smart TV users can download the apps for free. Some of the apps are automatically downloaded to Smart TVs and are ready for consumers’ use.


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