JBL unveils New Additions to their Works of Art

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Tech
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OnBeat Xtreme

Speaker docks of JBL by Harman don’t just have astonishing appearance, its quality is also unprecedented. With the unveiling new products, JBL truly give the right definition of sophisticate and futuristic designs without compromising the elegance or crispness of the sounds.

One of the new members of JBL is the OnBeat Xtreme speaker dock. Generally, it can work as an iPad dock, however, it still allows users to use their iPhone or iPod instead. Users can also play other music devices that can be connected through a mini stereo jack.

On Tour Micro

Available at Php19,995, this high-performance speaker dock is also incorporated with Bluetooth wireless technology. It also has a rotating connector that allows users to position their devices may it be landscape or portrait angle.

JBL also unveils the On Tour Micro speakers allowing you to bring music anytime, anywhere because it simply fits into your pocket. If your music device or mobile phones have a 3.5mm headphone socket, this one is suited for you. This is perfect if you’re planning a party out of town or even a small gathering with your friends.

A compact, feathery in weight and obviously portable speakers, JBL On Tour Micro are really your music box on-the-go. It is also powered by JBL Odyssey transducers with compute-optimized DSP and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And this cost for only Php1,995.


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