LSGH and Samsung Launches PEARL: Innovating Traditional Education

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Tech
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La Salle Green Hills (LSGH), one of the most respected learning institutions in the country, together with Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp. (SEPCO), electronics and digital media leader, launches the Personal Learning Device (PEARL) project, in line with their aim to have an innovative way of learning.

The PEARL project, which in now on its pilot phase, is utilizing the freshest tablet PC technology of Samsung. This tablet was described as “a Personal Learning Device distinctly driven by digitized curriculum materials.”

Mr. Jun Lozada, LSGH IT Consultant

“SEPCO believes that the PEARL project is a great contribution to the advancement of Philippine education into the digital information era,” said KC Park, SEPCO President. “It will foster the creation of new learning systems and methods in introducing the digital word as the new medium of communication in the classroom and beyond.”

The project is currently implemented on star sections for testing. And it aims to eventually use the PEARL as a replacement for traditional books, traditional assignment notebooks and other school communications, and a tool for presentation and other school works in the classroom, and for creating new learning contents and strategies.

Bro. Felipe Belleza FSC, LSGH President

“Similar to how St. John Baptist De La Salle innovated by introducing the simultaneous instruction classroom system, allowing more number of students to learn in one class, the PEARL project is being implemented so that learning will no longer be confined to the classroom; learning can be anywhere, anytime.” said Bro. Felipe Belleza FSC.

In migrating to the PEARL the participating students and teachers were provided a cost-subsidy in the acquisition of the latest tablet PC from LSGH and Samsung. They are also provided with seminars on how to use the system effectively.

“The LSGH students will be the first in the country’s basic education community to use the tablet PC as a personal learning device (PEARL). SEPCO and the LSGH administration believes this will prepare them well in the increasingly information based economy and electronically networked society,” said Jun Lozada LSGH IT Consultant.

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