RedFox congratulates Miss Earth 2011 as it promotes a Greener Environment

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Tech
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RedFox held an event to congratulate the winners of Miss Earth 2011 namely Miss Olga Alava (Miss Ecuador – Miss Earth 2011); Miss Dreily Benettone (Miss Venezuela – Miss Earth Fire and RedFox); Miss Athena Mae Imperial (Miss Philippines – Miss Earth Water); and Miss Caroline Medina (Miss Brazil – Miss Earth Air).

With the theme “The Earth is Crying. Let the Earth Smile Again,” Miss Earth 2011 was sponsored by RedFox having a mutual mission in saving planet earth. RedFox provide judges with eco-friendly hardware during the first leg of the event last November 23 and 24, 2011 at Tarlac. They also do the same during the coronation night that was held last December 3, 2011 at the UP Diliman Theater. They also give away Optima Laptop that won by Miss Ecuador and eight Razor laptops during the course of the night.

During the event, RedFox also introduced innovative product line-up such as the Wizpad, All-in-one PC and Multi-Learner Station that surely promotes a greener future.

The Wizpad doesn’t require a physical keyboard which means lesser efforts in constructing additional accessories that can somewhat be hazardous to the environment; the all-in-one PC that can also function as a TV which surely lessen energy consumption by having two devices in one; and the Multi-Learner Station – which are advisable for Schools and companies- which allows multiple users to simultaneously execute tasks, browse the web, etc. by just using a single computer.

RedFox has developing ways on how people can enjoy technology without compromising the need to have a greener environment. With its product line, it helps people in realizing their responsibility to our mother earth. And just as what they have said, “RedFox will always be colored red. But when it comes to serious issues like the welfare of our environment, RedFox can easily go green.”


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