ApolloPlus is the first in Asia-Pacific to implement SAP Cloud

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Tech
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ApolloPlus, one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies is the first to implement SAP Cloud in Asia-Pacific. The company aims to establish efficiency and accuracy in delivering over-the-counter drugs in every part of the country. Partnering with Fastrack, ApolloPlus was able to compliment SAP Cloud services to the needs and requirements of their company.

ApolloPlus is the nationwide distributor of Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharma and Pascual Consumer Health Care. “With our 8 satellite branches processing orders, delivering and collecting from thousands of accounts, there were lapses in communication due to interconnectivity issues. This resulted in delayed reports. In addition, we experienced difficulty in our inventory and financial management. To top off our problems, our previous system got obsolete with no one to help us fix the bugs,” mentions Jun Abelardo, ApolloPlus Distribution’ General Manager.

With the knowledge of ApolloPlus’ executives about the capacity of SAP in improving their overall management through technology, they never hesitated to agree with Fastrack in implementing SAP Cloud in their system.

Mr. Abelardo pointed out three important factors why did their company choose SAP: 1.) There is no need for Mainframes which are very expensive before the availability of Cloud services – and maybe until now; 2.) the cost is very flexible, the amount of utilizing SAP Cloud is depending on the number of user the company has. This is also efficient in times of expansion; and 3.) They only need an Internet Connection to access the system.

“The implementation project was also record breaking,” Abelardo further said. “It took Fastrack to implement and go live only within two months! I believe it is the fastest in the industry. This success can be attributed to the collaboration between Fastrack and our people, who both have busy-ins on its importance and the benefits it will bring.”

ApolloPlus Distribution is looking at giving SAP access to its principals for full transparency. This brings the company one step closer to its vision of being recognized as the preferred business partner for the distribution of healthcare products as it fulfills its mission to making healthcare products affordable and accessible to all Filipinos.


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