SAP partner Mustard Seed also runs SAP

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Tech
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To prove to their clients the outstanding benefits of SAP, Mustard Seed Systems Corporation, one of SAP Philippines’ channel partners also utilizes SAP products and services in their business operation.

Mustard Seed has shown breakthrough growth due to its partnership with the leading software company. Since the company has incorporated SAP systems in their operation, they realized an efficiency ratio of 80% in its operations and a reduction of 50% in its operating costs.

The company come up with the decision of applying SAP applications to their business since they experience problems with their old system. Their company is developing but their system wasn’t able to fit in with their contemporary requirements.

“Operationally, management was unable to make accurate decisions. We had problems of overstocking or under stocking because we could not properly track inventory.” said Osler Fajardo, Managing Director of Mustard Seed. “We did not know that a particular item was already out-of-stock or whether we had non-moving items. This was lost revenue for us.” Fajardo, said further.

Since they implement SAP, Mustard Seed has begun to enjoy benefits that they expected. Aside from the ease of use, the company operations had been centralized and instant access and complete transparency of their business has become possible. They were also able to improve their upselling and cross-selling of products with the help of SAP’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) feature.

“The CRM feature was most valuable because it allowed us to monitor sales and track our customers’ buying habits to better respond to them,” said Judith Adao, Sales Manager of Mustard Seed.

The company continues to look forward and is planning integration to data collector feature as well as integrating mobility applications.

“Mustard Seed Systems Corporation proves how versatile and invaluable SAP is for business growth. As a channel partner that also runs SAP, this shows how we can help companies stay ahead and run better to meet the ever-demanding business environment,” said Jennie Ligones, SAP Country Manager. “With its CRM feature, the company is guaranteed a better grasp of the needs of its customers,” she added.


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