Filipinos win big in 1st Asian Underwater Photography Championship

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
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1st Asian Underwater Photography Championship Awarding Night

Filipino photographers made it to the top 10 in different categories of the first Asian Underwater Photography Championship held in Cebu.

Hosted by the Philippine Association of Underwater Activities (PAUA) which gathered 65 underwater photographers representing 11 countries, the competition was based on CMAS (Confederation Mondiale Des Activites Subaquatiques) underwater photography competition rules and standards.

Paolo Garcia - Top 6 of the Close-Up Category

Marie Lat - Top 5 of the Wide angle category

Marie Lat - Top 9 of the Nudibranch Theme Category

Each photographer had to enter a photo in each of the following categories: Fish, Close-Up, Wide Angle, Wide Angle with Diver, and a special theme, “Nudibranch,” which Philippines is known for.

Wowie Wong - 9th in Fish

Philippine delegate Wowie Wong finished 9th in Fish category and got the silver medal for Wide Angle with Diver while other Filipinos Marie Lat completed the competition with 5th place finish on Wide Angle and 9th in Nudibranch; Pablo Garcia ended 6th in Close-up and Adrien Uichico finished 4th in Close-up.

Wowie Wong - Silver Award in Wide Angle with Diver

“This was the most challenging competition I had ever entered pressured by the fact that we were up against the best underwater photographers in Asia. Just to be a part of it was already an honor. We hope that all the winning photos would captivate tourists to visit our beautiful country and help our tourism,” Wong said.

(L-R) Marie Lat, Adrien Uichico, Wowie Wong, Oliver Ko, Paolo Garcia and son.


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