New breed of beasts from Kawasaki unleashed

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Tech
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Kawasaki Z1000

Kawasaki Motors Philippines starts their 2012 by unleashing a new breed of Leisure Bikes or “beasts” – as they are referred to in the riding scene. Novice and expert riders were thrilled to have heard the exciting news since the inside information about the new dark and dangerous beasts will be gracing the Philippine riding scene buzzed in the last quarter of 2011.

Now that the beasts are officially out of their cages, Kawasaki Motors presents the proud new beasts charmers hailed as the roadgasmers of the 2012 Kawasaki Leisure Bikes.

One of the new beasts is the Kawasaki Z1000, a unique, striking and handsome 1000cc beast for riders that are always game for excitement and maximum impact without compromising comfort and excellent manageability.

Kawasaki Z1000 roadgasmers are: Benjie Cruz, 41, Product Management Head at Eastern Telecoms, a leisure rider for the past two years; John Philip Balanzat, 30 Independent Automotive Parts Shop Owner, a leisure rider for ten years; June Alcorioto, 32, Head of the IT Department at Genie Technologies, a leisure rider for 10 years as well; Leovino Santiago, 48, member of the Highlanders (Highland Riders club) devoted rider for 29 years; Reuel Montalvo, 47, IT and Telecom Department at Meralco, a rider since his early childhood years and member of the riding club B.R.O.S. (Bikers Ride On Strength); Wilfredo Castro, 40, IT Department Head at TATA Consultancy Services, a leisure rider for 26 years; Cipriano Navarro II, 58, Old businessman and a veteran rider now on his 44th year; and Joey Santos, 60, owner of OBAGI, a leisure rider for more than 40 years. All of them shared the exciting attributes that Kawasaki Z100 amazed them.

Kawasaki ZX-14R

The Ninja ZX-14R, the other beast is hailed as the king of beast for its massive 1400cc displacement making it the most powerful motorcycle to date. This deserves fearless roadgasmers namely:

Ehren Ching Azarranga, 48, Seafood Exporter and Construction Business owner; and Roseller Kue, 46, Old businessman engaged in Food Trading, and a true daredevil in his own right with 3 years riding experience.

Kawasaki Motors Philippines is thrilled with the overwhelming response upon the revelation of the Kawasaki 2012 Models dubbed “The New Breed”. And with this, Kawasaki Motors Philippines is posing a challenge to any rider who thinks he has what it takes to charm these beasts – come forward and visit the Kawasaki Krib to feel what it is like to be a roadgasmer.


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