Cybercriminals take advantage on Whitney Houston’s death

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Tech (International)
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When the report that singing legend Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hills hotel room, millions had mourned posting Tweets and Facebook statuses regarding the death of the one who brought us the spine-tingling “I Will Always You.” Because of its massive attention worldwide, however, cybercriminals were quick in taking advantage of this ill-fated incident.

There were two web threats that have found by TrendMicro. One was a clickjacking attack found on Facebook, while the other one was a link circulating on Twitter.

Wall posts with the subject “I Cried watching this video. RIP Whitney Houston” comes with link to the supposed video. Clicking it leads them to a Facebook page that contains a link to the video. However, clicking this link only leads to several redirections until users are lead to the usual survey scam site.

Upon further investigation on the domains involved in the redirections, TrendMicro also found 101 more survey scams registered on the same IP where the domains are hosted.

Trend Micro found Tweets with malicious links that also took advantage of the tag RIP Whitney Houston, which was trending worldwide on Twitter.

The said Tweets contain a link to a particular blog dedicated to the late singer. Users who view the page are automatically redirected to another website. The succeeding page is a site that supposedly features several Whitney Houston wallpapers. Once users decide to download wallpaper from that site, a pop-up window appears and asks users to download some Whitney Houston ringtones. Leaving the page or staying in it redirects to a survey site that asks for mobile numbers.

Using newsworthy events, like the death of a celebrity (including death hoaxes), is a common lure for cybercriminals. There were other attacks in the past that made use of a similar scheme.

Users must always be cautious when clicking news items on their Facebook or Twitter feeds. As a way to keep updated on the news from legitimate sources, it’s best to bookmark reliable news sites to avoid falling for cybercriminals’ traps.

INFOCHAT Website: Cybercriminals take advantage on Whitney Houston’s death

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