Archive for February 22, 2012

Raymond Goh, Regional Director Systems Engineering and Luichi Robles, Senior Country Manager

Symantec Corp. announced the latest edition of Symantec NetBackup 7.5 to help enterprise organizations overcome their data protection challenges. The current approach to backup modernization offered by other vendors is broken. Data growth has been exponential while backup performance gains thus far have been incremental. At the same time, backup teams are frustrated with missed backup windows and non-integrated solutions for physical and virtual backups, deduplication and snapshots. Ultimately, organizations face a situation where recovery, the end goal of why backups exist, is complex and unnecessarily expensive.

Symantec is delivering a new approach to data protection and introducing NetBackup 7.5 with new options, including NetBackup Accelerator to speed backups by up to 100 times while delivering “Instant Full Recovery” capability, NetBackup Replication Director to integrate NetApp Snapshots with backup, and NetBackup Search to allow simple search and recovery of backup data and selective legal hold. Unlike other backup technology that relies on the IT team to integrate multiple disparate backup solutions, NetBackup is available as a single integrated appliance for the data center, remote office and virtual environments, providing customers with simplified deployment and operations.

Baek Doosan, General Manager of NEXON Korea Corporation

Asiasoft Online (“Asiasoft”) announces its official expansion into Philippines with the launch of MapleSEA, the localised version of MapleStory, the popular 2D side scrolling Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (“MMORPG”).

To order to accede to the increasing number of requests and enquiries from Filipino gamers about the availability of MapleSEA in Philippines, Asiasoft is proud to officially launch MapleSEA on the shores of Philippines and fans of the game can now play, interact and exchange Maple tips with the well-established community from Singapore and Malaysia. Through the server aptly named Artemis, the Goddess of Wildness, Filipino Maplers can now embark on their Maple journey and experience the world of MapleSEA for themselves.