Asiasoft Jumps to Philippines with MapleSEA!

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Tech
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Baek Doosan, General Manager of NEXON Korea Corporation

Asiasoft Online (“Asiasoft”) announces its official expansion into Philippines with the launch of MapleSEA, the localised version of MapleStory, the popular 2D side scrolling Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (“MMORPG”).

To order to accede to the increasing number of requests and enquiries from Filipino gamers about the availability of MapleSEA in Philippines, Asiasoft is proud to officially launch MapleSEA on the shores of Philippines and fans of the game can now play, interact and exchange Maple tips with the well-established community from Singapore and Malaysia. Through the server aptly named Artemis, the Goddess of Wildness, Filipino Maplers can now embark on their Maple journey and experience the world of MapleSEA for themselves.

The launch of MapleSEA in Philippines will feature its latest content JUMP, a content update where the three job classes – Warrior, Bowman and Magician, user interface and party quests will be revamped. In addition, new maps and monsters will be introduced to enhance the gaming experience in MapleStory.

NEXON Korea Corporation’s Product Manager Anna Lee, General Manager Baek Doosan, and Assistant Product Manager Tammy Song with TeamAsia managing director Michael Hamlin discussing the Philippine launch of MapleSEA

Divided into two phases, the first phase, entitled Arising of The Origins, was officially introduced on 8th February 2012 which saw a major revamp and rebalance to the Warrior, Bowman and Magician jobs in the Explorer and Knights of Cygnus classes, a move to keep the game fun and interesting for the gamers. Another key highlight of the first phase was the introduction of Treasure Monsters, monsters that drop items of higher value such as advanced scrolls and Trait items, as compared to their normal counterparts. Depending on their levels, they will also drop the much sought after Spiegelmann’s Monster Park Entry Tickets or Mystery Mastery books.

The second phase of JUMP, entitled the Amazing Monster Park, will take place on 7 March 2012! Much like its namesake, it signals the release of a new map called Monster Park. It is a new party zone for gamers who are of Level 13 and higher, and within the park, they can go on a solo challenge or team up with their friends and buddies to defeat the monsters that lay within this park. Gamers will have to be on their toes and not be fooled by the seemingly harmless monsters, as these monsters are much stronger and yield higher HP, but the rewards for success will be very satisfying.

“We are very delighted and excited to expand into the Philippines with the launch of MapleSEA. It gives us great honourand pleasure to be able to bring the MapleSEA experience in its entirety to the fans in the country, that will include more great content, exciting features and interesting activities across the region for all our gamers.” said Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online. “As we celebrate this monumental occasion, we also look forward to bringing more titles for the Philippines gaming community and continue to engage our gamers through fun and entertainment.”

Since MapleSEA began in 2004, the much-loved MMORPG has evolved into the leading 2-D scrolling MMORPG in the region. Over the past 7 years, MapleSEA has enjoyed increased popularity among gamers of all ages in Singapore and Malaysia, with the total number of registrants crossing the four million mark last year. And with this launch of MapleSEA in Philippines, Asiasoft hopes that the Filipino gamers can join forces with Maplers in Singapore and Malaysia to reach new heights in MapleSEA.

Visit for more on activities to celebrate the launch of JUMP, as well as latest news of upcoming content.

INFOCHAT Website: Asiasoft Jumps to Philippines with MapleSEA!

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