Smart Innovations Night showcased the latest apps brought by the WAC

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Tech
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Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), one of the leaders in wireless communication in the country has gathered the media people to showcase the latest happenings, and the freshest and upcoming services of the company with the event hailed as the Smart Innovations Night.

One of the best things that Smart has announced is its partnership with the world’s largest mobile service providers and manufacturers forming the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) in order to promote open standard web technologies that will allow the proliferation of software and services in a fragmented mobile market.

Some of the developments introduced by the WAC are the Chikka TopApp, iCare and Make Me Shoephoric:

Chikka TopApp

Chikka TopApp was recently launched in Android smartphones and allows subscribers to use their load credits as payment as it allows software developers to charge Smart Mobile users directly through their prepaid or post-paid accounts. This is made possible with the Network Application Programming Interface (NAPI) created by WAC that allows developers to charge users without having the need to connect separately with each of their mobile operator’s billing system that is also known as “in-app operator billing.”

The iCare application on the other hand, which is inspired by the bayanihan spirit of Filipinos, allows users to conveniently send their donations according to their chosen causes. With jut simple touch gestures or clicks on their mobile device, they can already extend their help.

And for the Shoes enthusiast, there is the “Make Me Shoephoric”, a mobile version of the Shoephoric (, an online social networking site that gathers shoe lovers across the globe. With this in hand via Android devices, users can get their dream shoes through chipping in or contributing funds using their mobile phone load or credits, in addition to credit cards or online payment accounts.

INFOCHAT Website: Smart Innovations Night showcased the latest apps brought by the WAC

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