Microsoft Philippines empowers students through the Microsoft IT Academy Program

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Tech
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The New Graduating Microsoft Certified Professionals from Colegio de San Juan de Letran

To further improve the skills and experiences of IT students, Microsoft Philippines has formed a partnership with Colegio de San Juan de Letran (Letran) through the Microsoft IT Academy Program to offer the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certifications to its students.

“Microsoft recognizes the demand for IT professionals today and with the skills and potential of the Filipino students, we know that through the quality curriculum and resources provided to Educators at Letran through our Microsoft IT Academy Program to prepare students for the MCITP certification, we will be able to help these students build their IT careers as well as provide more employment opportunities for them,” said Michelle Casio, Academic Program Lead, Microsoft Philippines.

According to Asst. Prof. Maria Luisa Carlos, Director for Institute of Information Technology of Letran, Letran became the first school in the country to partner with Microsoft in 2003 for the Microsoft IT Academy Program under the leadership of then IIT Director, Asst. Prof. Randy Castillo. To date, only Letran has fully integrated the curriculum and Microsoft Certified IT Professional and Developer Certifications into its academic framework— the benchmark that shows Letran graduates have the required knowledge, skills and expertise that meet the IT industry’s demands. This is what makes our IT program unique.

Advantages of the MCITP & MCPD Certification to the students
Letran students have been given greater learning opportunities in the IT field with the implementation of the MCITP & MCPD certifications. Through the Microsoft IT Academy program resources, Letran has been able to produce IT professionals who are competent in the field of information system implementation using sound principles of analysis and design and demonstrates practical competence in a range of current software systems.

In a research conducted by Microsoft, 63% of hiring managers think that certified individuals are more productive on the job. The training and certification they get are necessary to maintain a high level of performance.

“Individuals with Microsoft certification are world-class graduates in the field of Information Technology with competence in software development, systems administration, network engineering and database administration. In 2011, we had 78 students graduate from the program with 69 graduated with certification. This 2012, we are expecting about 107 students to graduate from the program,” Carlos elaborated.

On choosing Microsoft Certified Professionals
Sixty one percent (61%) of the 2011 graduates of the program are now employed using the Microsoft Technology and have indicated that receiving Microsoft trainings is an advantage in finding their jobs.

BlastAsia, Inc., a company specializing in Outsourced Product Engineering services, prefers to hire students who are Microsoft Certified Professionals because it makes the retraining and absorption of the company easier as these graduates are aligned to .net latest practices and have acquired knowledge and skills that the Microsoft Certification Program.

Founding President & CEO of BlastAsia, Inc. Arup Maity sees it as an advantage when his junior developers are certified. “We find it convenient to hire fresh graduates who are already trained and certified in .net stack. Even though its compulsory for every fresh graduate to undergo our 10 weeks of training in-house, having the certification saves a couple of weeks after and the applicant with certification finds it easier to pass the selection to enter BlastAsia, which is generally 5 to 10% of all applying” Maity said.

“We require all our junior developers to have one or more of the Microsoft Certification before they are put into billable projects and join us as regular employees, the certificate ensures easier acceptance by clients to their projects. By hiring graduates who are already trained and certified, we save time and cost during their first few months in the company” Maity explained.

On the success of Microsoft Certified Professionals
Letran has produced quite a number of Microsoft Certified Professionals in the past years. Chester Lato, Microsoft Certified Trainer at MISNet Inc.; Robert Mark Falcutila, Solutions Developer at Accenture; Lizette dela Cruz Software Engineer II at BlastAsia Inc. have all shown excellence in their respective fields of expertise and are very grateful for the training Microsoft provided them to enhance their capabilities and skills for their current jobs.

“We are happy to see that Microsoft certification has definitely helped these individuals gain better employment through the training provided in the Microsoft IT Academy Program. It is our aim not only to improve education through the use of technology, customized training and strong partnerships but also to enhance the capabilities and technology skills of the students for broader employment opportunities,” ended Casio.

INFOCHAT Website: Microsoft Philippines empowers students through the Microsoft IT Academy Program


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