Businesses and companies gather to learn, share and maximize the benefits of technology

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Tech
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DSWD Sec. Corazon Juliano-Soliman shares how public and private partnerships like Microsoft’s citizenship efforts and activities help alleviate poverty and raise awareness on the importance of open communication during the NGO Connection Day Manila.

As non-governmental organizations (NGO) continue to face tough economic situations, more organizations are looking at cloud computing technologies for collaboration, communication, networking and document storage. With this in mind, Microsoft Philippines recently held its NGO Connection Day as it realizes the need for professionals in the non-profit sectors to learn, share and maximize effectiveness.

“Microsoft empowers small and medium businesses, even NGOs, through the affordable technologies, helping them manage and grow their organizations in today’s knowledge economy. Through better technology powering business success, we at Microsoft are building the business case for and accelerating adoption of the cloud,” said John Bessey, Managing Director, Microsoft Philippines.

TechSoup Asia Vice President Mike Yeatoon

The one-day gathering of NGOs brought together professionals and industry experts to share their insights and provide them an opportunity to discuss the possible effects technology brings to the community. This was an opportunity for Microsoft to demonstrate how its products and services fit the needs of small businesses by providing affordable, familiar and easy-to-use technologies and at the same time, offering flexible solutions, helping these NGOs grow and compete.

Also present during the event was Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman who shared how public and private partnerships such as Microsoft’s citizenship efforts and activities like the NGO Connection Day help alleviate poverty and raise awareness on the importance of open communication.

“To ensure that social transformation, transparency and accountability will become a reality for many, ICT plays a crucial role. Connectivity fosters learning and I think ICT’s purpose is towards one goal, which is to help everyone work better so that generations of the young people will be in a better situation. ICT is a tool that can ‘bridge’ the gap and bring ‘voice’ to everyone to be part of an inclusive growth where no one is left behind,” said Sec. Soliman.

DSWD is the government agency responsible for the protection of the social welfare rights of Filipinos and for the promotion of social development in the country. The department’s programs are divided into four services: Center-based, community-based, residential care, and social welfare and development technologies.

One of DSWD’s projects is the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR), which is a data-centric project implemented to assist DSWD and other government agencies that require data generated from the NHTS-PR. This NHTS-PR is a data bank and information management system provides targeted information about the poor in the country. This system uses technology and innovation that requires data sharing among different agencies.

Also being launched and introduced in the event is TechSoup Asia, a program which is being made available in the Philippines, bringing the non-profit sector donation programs from multiple private sector companies like Microsoft, Symantec and SAP.

“Today, we are also announcing the availability of TechSoup Asia in the Philippines. It is through such collaborative efforts that NGOs are able to have access to the needed technologies and innovations that will help increase productivity. TechSoup Asia will provide the right resources to support effective use of technology to address social challenges,” said Mike Yeaton, Vice President, TechSoup Asia.

TechSoup Asia is a collaborative venture between TechSoup Global and its Partner Network that delivers technology and other development resources and tools to NGOs in 37 countries. TechSoup Asia focuses on three areas: date services, product philanthropy and facilitating collaboration.

“Today’s NGO Connection Day will leverage on the announcement of TechSoup Asia in the Philippines. We at Microsoft will further push to help NGOs and businesses alike to acquire the correct access to various technology products and resources. Microsoft will always be a partner in building organizations to help them grow and compete in the global economy. We not only seek to provide the best technology experiences to the people but more importantly, we aim to provide greater opportunities to our partners and the people we serve,” concluded Bessey.

INFOCHAT Website: Businesses and companies gather to learn, share and maximize the benefits of technology


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