PLDT TelPad “app-graded” with the TelMeHow Application

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Tech
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Ariel P. Fermin, PLDT's EVP and Head of Home Business

PLDT’s revolutionary table landline and multimedia gadget now comes with its own, exclusive application — TelMeHow.

TelMeHow is an educational online application with sources of easy-to-follow, useful knowledge ideal for pursuing special interests, developing new skills or simply bonding with loved ones especially during summer vacation.

(L-R) Patrick S. Tang, PLDT's VP for Home Marketing, Voice and Micro Business, Ariel P. Fermin, PLDT's EVP and Head of Home Business, Dan C. Ibarra, PLDT's Marketing Head of Home Business

The app hosts several useful categories such as cooking, fashion, travel, photography, first aid, sports, music, language and fitness among others. These categories offer “how-to” content in various forms – instructional videos, photos and supplementary content. This exclusive Telpad app features popular experts in its various categories.

For instance, for the cooking category, food connoisseur Erwan Heussaff demonstrates how to cook. In terms of style, designer Sassa Jimenez and stylist Bea Constantino provide practical and professional tips. Also, travel blogger Lois Yasay of shares tried and tested travel advice like packing unlikely travel essentials.

PLDT’s TelMeHow App offers a diverse palette of modern-life options

After the official launch of TelMeHow, Telpad subscribers can look forward to more valuable and easily accessible content on the app with the help of a line-up of experts such as photographer Paul Ticzon.

TelMeHow shares a laid-back culinary lesson by the endearing Erwan Heussaff

Also in the pipeline are new categories including a section on cars which will feature ideas on how to soup up your ride. Home buddies and interior decorating addicts can look forward to the home category called living space which will feature practical housekeeping and home decorating tips.

TelMeHow reveals Sassa Jimenez’s secrets on her renowned wedding dress creations

Subscribers looking for a part-time gig or homeowners who simply want to know how to throw a successful party will also find the soon to be uploaded events category extremely useful with its how-to-guide in organizing and managing an event. Those trying to be healthy can work out at home with health and wellness tips courtesy of the upcoming fitness category.

Would-be tourists to Paris or budding linguists can learn the basics of the French language. Finally, TelMeHow will beef up its sports category with online basketball and volleyball instructions from top athletes Kirk Long and Michelle Gumabao.

TelMeHow will also tie up with leading publications and websites for content sharing such as, as well as

Also coming is a full blown interactive user upload section which will feature selected content from TelPad subscribers. Whether it’s an heirloom or an original music video, Telpad users will soon have their own dedicated space online via TelMeHow.

INFOCHAT: PLDT TelPad “app-graded” with the TelMeHow Application

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