Experience the Future of Entertainment at the 2012 Samsung AV Roadshow

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Tech
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Jay Ha, Samsung Philippines VP for Consumers Electronics

Samsung Electronic Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) stuns the attendees in the revelation of the 2012 Samsung AV Roadshow that showcased the newest home entertainment products including TV and AV products that are more intuitive, more connected and more adaptable to the industry’s rapid pace of innovation.

“The Filipino consumers have been quick to adopt mobile technologies, like smartphones and tablets that allow them to make their content accessible wherever they go,” said Ariel Arias, Samsung AV Business Unit Heat. “They expect not only greater accessibility, but greater, more compelling content – all of which are needs met through Samsung’s vision for the future of Smart TV.”

Ariel Aries, Samsung AV business unit head

Samsung’s TV and AV strategy is built on three pillars – new market-revolutionizing features available in 2012: Smart Interaction, Smart Content, and Smart Evolution.

The Smart Interaction technology provides a new, more natural and intuitive option for controlling and interacting with the TV. It includes a new Motion Control, Voice Control, and Face Recognition commands. Users can turn the TV on or off, activate selected apps or search for and select content in the web browser – all without touching the remote. This technology is available in Smart TVs such as LED ES800 series, LED ES7500 series and the Plasma E800 series – which is the company’s 2012 flagship models.

The Smart Content attributes features a wide-array of premium contents with over 1,500 apps offered worldwide. This ascertains that the Smart TV will be enjoyed by every family member. Samsung also added new exclusive features like the Family Story’s album for organizing and enjoying slide shows of family photos; the Fitness that provides an access to exercise content with the capability of tracking progress; and Kids, which offers child-friendly contents that kids can access and parents can control and monitor.

Finally, Samsung’s Evolution Kit that will allow consumers to easily and cost-effectively enjoy the latest technology services on their TV. With a simple slot-in at the back of select 2012 Samsung Smart TV models, consumers can keep pace with rapid advancements in both TV hardware and software—without needing to purchase a new set every year.

Samsung continues to set the bar in innovation worldwide, combining ground-breaking features with unmatched performance and design to create products that match and anticipate consumers’ needs and desires.

INFOCHAT: Experience the Future of Entertainment at the 2012 Samsung AV Roadshow

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