Business Analytics powered by SAP HANA platform for SMEs

Posted: May 25, 2012 in Tech
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To deal with the growing reality of small companies having big data concerns, SAP announced a new offering that will deliver the benefits of the SAP HANA platform to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The announcement was made coincidently with SAP’s SME Summit held at Edsa Shangri-la, Mandaluyong City.

One Analytics powered by SAP HANA will enable SMEs to leverage in-memory technology from SAP with immediate access to information tailored to their individual requirements.

Richard Duffy, SAP Business One Product Evangelist stressed that SMEs want business analytics platform which is easy to consume and that they are interested in content that helps them understand what’s happening with their businesses. “One Analytics powered by SAP HANA has the ability to take businesses to real time businesses which enables SMEs to get information they need to make business decisions,” he added.

Duffy also demonstrated how the system works. He provided a sneak preview of the product to show how an entrepreneur can get started from a simple net browser, and then play with the new in-memory technology that’s quick, simple and easy.

“Companies need to be agile especially in today’s new reality,” Duffy said. “This is particularly true for SMEs as they need to differentiate themselves against growing competition and maintain appropriate growth in changing environments.”

Richard Duffy also mentioned that there are now 31 customers who signed up for the solution.

These SMEs can now utilize this solution to allow data from the field to be analyzed and segregated at lightning speed so that it can be more readily digested by end users and made useful to their company, in real time.

Through Business Analytics powered by SAP HANA for Business One, SAP offers its SME customers the flexibility to create interactive reports and run ad-hoc analysis faster. It also addresses the SMEs need for real-time software platform for their business while maintaining simplicity in their Information Technology (IT) landscapes. For example, SMEs can perform simple to complex data analysis, investigate results more easily and populate custom spreadsheets and reports with current data- all without IT assistance.


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