Asus Sense Experience delivers happiness to customers

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Tech
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ASUS aims to deliver a greater user experience with the unveiling of its latest notebooks of their whole product line. This array of innovative notebooks, branded with Happiness 2.0, brings a whole new user experience, tickling the users’ 5 senses- Beauty, Sound, Touch, IOIC (Instant On-Instant Connect) and Cloud.

Held at Opus Lounge, Resorts World Manila, ASUS Country Manager Mr. George Su and Marketing Manager Mrs. Jamie Zaldivar provided the audience with a broad presentation of the latest models of ASUS notebook and all of its mixtures of Beauty, Sound, Touch, IOIC (Instant On-Instant Connect) and Cloud.

“The market is changing. It’s not all about the digital specs- a notebook that doesn’t just perform but the market overall experience is important,”Zaldivar said.


ASUS delivers incredible beauty through its designs. “Premium Perception” is the core design concept of ASUS notebooks this year. Each notebook is developed with two goals in mind and that is to be unique and elegant. Only through closer inspection would users be captivated by the attention to detail penned by ASUS designers.


ASUS recognizes the importance audio plays in consumers’ daily lives and have taken steps to ensure all ASUS notebooks feature the ASUS proprietary SonicMaster sound technology which was co- developed with B&O ICEpower®. SonicMaster technology brings notebook audio to life, with a combination of fine-tuned software along with superior speakers and oversized resonance chambers. SonicMaster delivers a crystal-clear, yet deep with a richness of bass sound playing across a wider range to ensure the purest audio from a portable PC.


For better user experience of notebook input interface, ASUS enlarge the touchpad and provide more smooth multi-gesture when scroll, swipe, rotate, zoom in & out. More gesture functions are available with this new touchpad solution created by ASUS Magic Touch team.

IOIC (Instant On, Instant Connect)

ASUS provide the best instant on, instant connect solution through 2 seconds resume and up to 2 weeks standby time. ASUS will provide Instant Connect Link (IC link). It is a solution which includes an app and a cable to share the internet from your smartphone instantaneously.


ASUS cloud service will provide the most convenient cloud service for customers, easily storing, sharing, and syncing up all the data. With the MyBitCast App, users can quickly sync the notes, photos and audio recording data to various devices at once.

Selected models will come with IPS panel with 1080p FHD resolution such as the new Zenbook Prime which was the star of the show. New to the Zenbook Prime is the backlit keyboard as well as the two USB 3.0 ports.The addition of the ASUS SuperBatt technology extends the overall lifespan of the battery by three times than the regular batteries.

ASUS showcases the entire line of innovative X, K, N, G Series notebooks and the ZENBOOK™ Prime series all features the Beauty, Sound, Touch, IOIC and Cloud experience.


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