Project Pagsulong Ambassadors

Poverty is one of the biggest problems in our country. That is the reason why PLDT KaAsenso, PLDT-Smart Foundation, The Outstanding Students of the Philippines Alumni Community (TOSP-AC), and RFM Foundation joined forces to launch the Project Pagsulong; the one million peso youth challenge for young Filipino entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas that could hopefully help alleviate poverty in the country.

“Project Pagsulong is part of PLDT KaAsenso’s thrust of contributing to nation-building by advocating entrepreneurship,” said Patrick Tang, Head of HOME Marketing for Voice and Micro-business. “We want to promote youth-entrepreneurship and take it a notch further by providing an opportunity for them to make their entrepreneurial ideas a reality, and at the same time become, social movers,” he added.

Every Filipino youth is encouraged to join the Project Pagsulong. Regardless of socio-economic status or educational attainment, one can join this challenge as long he has a bright business idea that not only aims to gain profits but also aims to have a valuable impact to the society.

Jonathan de Quiroz, Product Manager for PLDT KaAsenso

A group of young adults with three to five members, ages from 18 to 30, can qualify in the challenge. They are expected to submit a business idea that can potentially solve a societal issue or need. This is not a mere competition. Organizers stressed that this challenge is an avenue for the youth to take a more significant civic role and be the change-makers that will benefit the future generations.

“This affirms our commitment in the social enterprise approach to help reduce poverty in the country,” said Esther Santos, PLDT-Smart Foundation President. “We believe in investing in our youth and their ability to take part in finding novel solutions to our [social] problems, some of which, in fact, were the same problems encountered and remain unsolved by generations before.”

Patrick Tang, VP and Head of HOME Marketing, Voice and Micro Business; Esther Santos, President of PLDT-SMART Foundation; Marie Young, President of RFM Foundations; and Pamela Asis-Layugan, Chairperson of TOSP Alumni Community

According to Pamela Asis-Layugan, Chairperson of TOSP Alumni Community, “WE are surrounded today by young social movers who dream big not just for themselves, but for their communities and nation at large. That’s why we firmly support this campaign which hopefully can help surface latent nationalism among the young Filipinos. This will be a vehicle for them to share their talents, to learn and deepen their involvement to nation-building.”

“Our youth today are more inclined in being part of a growing culture of national concern by proactively contributing their skills to nation-building,” said Marie Young, President of RFM Foundations. “Project Pagsulong is a very timely nationwide challenge where they can show the world the greatness of the young Filipino spirit.”

  1. Mr.Jay says:

    Good luck for these young talents! Cheers!

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