Armaggeddon brings its gaming gears to PH

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Tech
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Based out of Singapore, Armaggeddon set their sight on Philippines as well as they bring their products from gaming mouse, keyboards, speakers, headsets, PC Chassis, gaming gloves and apparel to the country. Barely a year old, Armageddon has already established itself in several other countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

One of the newest additions to their products, the Mikoyan FoxBat gaming mouse, has just been awarded the Chip Malaysia Recommended Award in just a few short weeks of it being released. They also offer ambidextrous mice to top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard switches or sound decoders that can be customized to its purpose, while keeping the gamers’ needs, comforts and preferences in mind.

Armaggeddon also wants to contribute to fostering an environment for the growth and flourishing of e-Sports in Asia-Pacific. Their recently concluded Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament was also an astounding success with 32 teams participating, all battling it out for a large $20,000 prize pool. The tournament was the first of its scale to be hosted in Singapore in more than five years.

They are also active in the Sri Lankan gaming scene with one tournament recently concluded and another about to begin. They sponsor a budding professional team of DotA2 players based out of Singapore and are looking at sponsoring more serious e-Sports teams playing other games as well.

Team Armaggeddon Faze, armed with Armaggeddon gear, recently won the DotA 2 MYSG Open Playoffs Online hosted by Alienware Arena.


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