Fruitas Group of Companies (FGC) is a food and beverage holding company that has done exceptionally well with its first fruit beverage stand, Fruitas Fresh from Babot’s Farm. Ten years later, it has developed several other store concepts and today runs 515 stores nationwide.

Building on its promise of serving only the freshest natural produce, FGC today also operates Fruitas, Buko ni Fruitas, Juice Avenue, Black Pearl, The Mango Farm, Buko Loco, and Friends Fries, among others. It employs around 1500 workers.

The growth of business, however, also implies the need to adjust management systems. Until recently FGC was using software that could no longer handle an average of 200 delivery receipts every day. Mr. Jake Intia, Consultant, Fruitas Group of Company shared that for the past few years, Fruitas has needed to purge its transactions in the database and start anew every six months to prevent slowing of database and avoid data corruption. Lester Yu, FGC Chief Executive Officer.

He also relayed that FGC Chief Executive Offices Lester Yu eventually suggested that the company switch to SAP, which FGC has been using for the last two months. With Mustard Seed, as the license and implementing partner, FGC has reported that in less than two months, sales and accounts receivables, purchasing and accounts payable, and banking, inventory and warehousing were fully implemented and used. On September 5 FGC had begun printing delivery receipts (DR) from SAP.

“Before SAP, the person in charge of the DR preparation stayed in the office until 12 midnight to 1 a.m. to finish what’s needed for the following day,” says Yu. “But with the help of SAP she can now go home at 8 p.m. at the latest.”

With SAP, FGC also looks forward to healthier returns on investment in less than two years on the back of greater efficiency and enhanced productivity.
Yu adds that FGC also hopes to shortly upgrade from SAP Starter Package to SAP Business One, augment the number of users, and implement a manufacturing module for the commissary.

“SAP helps us to be more efficient and competitive. With SAP, we are able to analyze the business standing and see additional opportunities with the information SAP has to provide,” Yu affirms.

With SAP behind it, FGC looks forward to boost its logistics network nationwide and improve its customer relations to ensure only the highest quality principles in all its store aspects, including service training, operations, and product standardization.

“Globalization today has made the business environment more competitive. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises need to be able to differentiate themselves in order to achieve greater competitiveness. SAP’s partnership with Fruitas Group of Companies (FGC) ensures that it (FGC) can grow optimally.” said Darren Rushworth, Managing Director (MD) of SAP Philippines and the Emerging Markets. “SAP Business One is an affordable small and medium-sized business management solution that best fits medium enterprises like Fruitas which has outgrown its previous systems and is looking for a single integrated solution that is quick to install, easy to use, simple to maintain and allows for management of the entire business.”


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