Toshiba recently revealed its newest products including hard drives and a universal docking station in the Philippines. This announcement signals Toshiba’s commitment to meet the increasing demands of consumers in the country and to offer them a holistic mobile computing experience.

Canvio Desk Hard Drive
One of the products introduced is the Canvio Desk Hard Drive. Available in 2TB1and 3TB1configurations and in black and white colours, Toshiba’s Canvio Desk Hard Drive offers high capacity storage in a small and compact design, supporting both horizontal and vertical orientation, allowing users to save precious desk space.

It is also eco-friendly with its design that makes its operations whisper-quiet while effectively keeping it cool and reducing power consumption. Its USB 3.0 interface significantly improves file transfer performance2for large media files and dramatically minimizes the wait time for backup.

Canvio Slim Portable Hard Drive
Toshiba gives consumer another option with the Canvio Slim Portable Hard Drive which is one of the thinnest and smallest 2.5” form factor external hard drives available on the market and has a capacity of 500 GB.

Measuring just 8.9mm slim, this stylish drive offers high capacity storage in a sleek brushed aluminum design, available in black and silver. As a comparison, a regular 2.5” external hard drives measures over 13mm in thickness. The Canvio Slim also has a footprint that is about 14% smaller than regular 2.5”external drives.

“As consumer electronics devices continue to get thinner, lighter, and more portable, we expect a huge demand for a portable storage device that is in line with those trends,” said Ms. Wong Wai Meng, Senior Manager of Product Marketing. “With the Canvio Slim, consumers can now easily stash their storage device right along with their Ultrabooks, knowing that their data is always safe, even they’re on the go.”

Dynadock U 3.0
Toshiba also launched the dynadock U3.0 – a Universal Docking Station that promises to connect Windows-based laptop to most PC peripherals with just one USB cable.

A successor to the innovative and popular dynadock U, this new model comes with USB3.0 connectivity. The Toshiba dynadock U3 features a total of six USB3.0, one HDMI, 5.1 audio, Ethernet and DVI-I ports. Thesefeatures offer easy connection of your laptop to PC peripherals like monitors, mouse, keyboard, audio system, printer and external hard drives – all by simply plugging in just one single USB cable.

Thanks to its compact and elegant towerdesign, the Toshiba dynadock U3 fits nicely into most desktops, providing an organized, tidy, flexible and ergonomic workstation.And since the dynadock U3 works with most Windows-based PCs, you can still continue using the dynadock U3 even after you change laptop models.

Meanwhile, Toshiba also announced the official appointment of a new distributor, EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. in the Philippines, which will be authorized to establish a network of resellers in the country to sell Toshiba’s options and accessories product line.


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