Play hard, play smooth with the Acer Aspire V5

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Tech
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More than anything else, your PC should deliver faster and more powerful computing to reduce lagging incidents whenever you’re playing your favorite game. The device should also be able to support multi-display when playing games or watching videos. Most of all, excellent graphics capability must keep the player totally immersed in his activity.

What’s cool is that even a notebook can now have all these powerful features to keep you entrenched in your game all the time. The Acer Aspire V5 Ultrathin Notebook, powered by the second-generation, quad-core AMD A8 processor and uses the latest Windows 8 operating system, was launched today with the local IT media in attendance, makes all these functions possible.

Powerful computing, life-like gaming

With AMD RadeonTM Dual Graphics, and AMD Eyefinity Technology, the Aspire V5 Ultrathin Notebook supports multiple simultaneous display output—up to four monitors—to achieve that ultimate game plan, or simply to be able to multitask. Acer packs the powerful AMD Radeon™ HD 7600G + 7650M Dual Graphics in the unit for brilliant HD experience, enhance images and backgrounds, and provides ultimate gaming performance boost when you need it.

Through higher frequencies and computing power, speed and performance is enhanced, reducing loading delays or frequent lagging. AMD’s App Acceleration feature increases the pace of everyday PC applications, and DirectX support delivers hi-fi gaming and computing. Its Turbo Core 3.0 technology enables the computer to boost performance automatically when needed.

But the Aspire V5 Ultrathin Notebook is not just for gaming satisfaction. Even those who are not much into playing can enjoy the slim and lightweight notebook for watching movies and videos at home or on the road. Packed inside the Aspire V5 Ultrathin Notebook to augment the family’s viewing experience include AMD’s all-new HD Media Accelerator, which involves the chip’s new architecture. It enables seamless streaming of high-resolution video and hastens file conversion for sharing with other devices. The Quick Stream further smoothens video downloading over the Internet while its Steady Video Technology does away with shaky playback to ensure stable and even image delivery.

The Aspire V5 Ultrathin Notebook also supports BIOS optimized solution, which makes the system easier to revive from sleep mode—in less than 2 seconds—and boot in about 14 seconds only.

Convenience at your fingertips

The 15.6-inch Aspire V5 Ultrathin Notebook sports a 10-percent larger touchpad than most notebooks of similar design for more touch control space and more accurate cursor positioning during rush movements.

Despite its two-spindle design for a built-in large volume HDD and 8x DVD-Super Multi DL drive, the device remains 23mm thin and 2.3kg light, which is about 30 percent slimmer and 10 percent lighter than other notebooks of the same type. It comes with a Dolby Advanced Audio v.2, and a backlit keyboard option for better night-time operation.

Just like other Acer notebooks and ultrabooks, the Aspire V5 Ultrathin Notebook offers ergonomic thermal comfort with its unique component and fan layout. The series also supports Acer Instant Connect, which connects the PC instantly to the Internet at four times faster than the speed of other notebooks. It also works with the AcerCloud cloud storage network that enables multimedia file sharing and communication throughout the device ecosystem.

Moreover, with the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam, users can share documents, photos and applications across various social networks. Gamers and multimedia users can boast about their victories and highlights to friends and family members.

See? There’s more to gaming than meets the eye. Don’t let that dragon drag you down. With a fast and powerful PC like the Acer Aspire V5 Ultrathin Notebook, you’ll definitely be a winner.

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