FUJIFILM opens its first concept store in the Philippines

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Tech
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Following the successful launch of FUJIFILM Digital Cameras last October 24, FUJIFILM now opens its first concept store in the Philippines together with its steadfast distributor YKL Color. The first concept store located in SM Megamall, lower ground level building A will feature FUJIFILM’s X series cameras and Finepix camera line. The first concept store will showcase live demo units for the customers to TOUCH and TRY.

” The store has been the flagship branch of YKL color for Photo Imaging and processing business, now we are bringing in FUJIFILM X series and FINEPIX cameras for the customers to experience for themselves the technology of our X trans CMOS processor and FUJINON lenses ” says FUJIFILM Marketing and Sales Head Christian Jamolod.

“FUJIFILM is focusing heavily on the X series camera line. It is a mirrorless camera system with 6 available interchangeable lenses. As the market is slowly moving towards mirrorless cameras, FUJIFILM aims to be in the forefront of that transition. We know how important retail presence is, thus we celebrate this day as the beginning of FUJIFILMs entry into the retail landscape. We aim to open up similar stores like this as we grow the business,” Jamolod added.

” We invite everyone to come and visit the first FUJIFILM concept store located in SM Megamall, You can take a look at our cameras and experience X series like never before.”

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