New Plantronics headsets make communications more effective and stylish

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Gadgets, Tech
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Few technology companies continue to deliver communication devices that introduce new innovations year after year quite like Plantronics. Today, Plantronics adds to the lineup with the new Voyager Legend™ and Marque 2™ headsets.

Voyager Legend™ – The Next Generation of an Iconic Bluetooth Headset

Voyager Legend™ is the newest headset in the award-winning Voyager® family which delivers unsurpassed audio clarity and all‐day comfort for the mobile professional. Combining triple‐mics that cancel noise and wind, voice commands, and Smart Sensor™ technology, Voyager Legend™ understands how and when you want to talk.

Sensors react when you put the headset on, letting you quickly take a call without a click. If you’re already wearing it, Voyager Legend™ announces who is calling and waits for you to say “Answer” or “Ignore.” Simply tap the voice command button and ask to check battery level, connection status, and more. Voyager Legend™ is the smartest Bluetooth® headset available.

Military Grade Moisture Protection

One of the biggest risks to the performance of electronic devices is exposure to moisture – including rain, humidity, sweat and accidental spills. Voyager Legend™ is protected against damage from moisture with an invisible P2i coating on every surface of the product, causing liquid to bead up and run off the headset instead of permeating electrical components potentially leading to corrosion damage.

The invisible P2i coating, originally designed to treat soldiers’ uniforms as protection from environmental and chemical hazards, has a thickness equivalent to one thousandth of a human hair and does not change the look or feel of Voyager Legend™. Its ultra-thin size means it also does not affect electrical conductivity, so the entire product, inside and out, can be treated.

Marque 2™ – Smallest and lightest weight headset by Plantronics

As the perfect companion for smartphone enthusiasts, Marque 2™, Plantronics’ smallest and lightest weight headset, lets you listen to music or stream audio and Internet radio – all while managing calls without pressing buttons – just say “Answer” or “Ignore.” Despite its diminutive size at only 7 grams, the Marque 2™ comes in stylish matte Black or White and features dual microphones, which provides clear and crisp call quality through noise and wind reduction.

DeepSleep™ Mode – Stay charged for six months

Marque 2™ is always ready with up to 7 hours of talk time, 11 days of standby or 180 days of battery readiness in DeepSleep™ Mode. DeepSleep™ power‐saving mode activates when your Marque 2™ headset is away from your phone for over 90 minutes. The headset will conserve its battery power by entering into DeepSleep™ mode which keeps the headset charged for 180 days so it is ready to use when you need it. Once it is back in range with the phone (10 m or less), tap the call button to exit the DeepSleep™ mode, and “wake” it up.

Pricing and Availability

Plantronics Voyager Legend™ is available in Philippines from January 2013 onwards for SRP of P4,900 and Plantronics Marque 2™ (M165) for SRP of P3,600.


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