UltraBac ASEAN representatives Vanilla Applications Sdn Bhd with its head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with INFOStorage Corporation to distribute UltraBac products in the Philippines. Philippine businesses, both small and large, are finding that the demands of a 24×7 Internet based economy are becoming more relevant to everyday business. Melina Hwang, co founder of Vanilla Applications explained “Even small businesses in the Philippines are getting affected by customer expectations of 24 hour access to their services. As an example, we have come across small store owners, who have developed an online sales element to their business, resulting in computing systems and business data becoming critical part of their business. Companies that had never touched a computer five years ago, now have business critical data which if lost could damage their livelihood.” Melina added “UltraBac is unique in offering technologies that offer enterprise class data protection and amazingly fast data recovery in the event of a system crash at a price point that meets the budgets of smaller Philippine companies. Further, the simplicity of our products also makes them well suited to companies that do not have extensive in-house technical expertise.” Butch Marking, CEO of INFOStorage agrees with Melina, “There is no doubt that there is a significant need for UltraBac’s unique data protection and recovery products among Philippine companies. However in order to uducate users and introduce the product to this market, UltraBac needed an experienced and well regarded partner in the country. That’s where INFOStorage comes in.” Butch added ” INFOStorage has been a leading supplier of data protection solutions in the Philippines for over a decade. We understand this market, and we have experience in educating Philippine IT managers on how best to protect and recover business data.” “We are very excited to be launching UltraBac in the Philippines, particularly that we will be launching a first for this country, by offering Continuous Image Protection (CIP) technology which is embedded in both UltraBac Back-up and Disaster Recovery (UBDR) Gold and UltraBac Warp. CIP really does bring enterprise class Recovery Point and Recovery Time objectives within the reach of small and medium sized businesses. Melina Hwang explained “UltraBac combines bare metal recovery capability with CIP. To our users this means that every change to data is captured and protected, and in the event of all out disaster, we can recover to a completely different server in a matter of minutes.” “We are very pleased to have formed a partnership with such an experienced company as INFOStorage Corporation, and we plan to support them as they recruit a select group of partners to help bring thus great and needed technology to companies in the Philippines.”

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