The latest product line-up of NEO under the Élan Series is especially developed to cater the Pinoy Gamers. For many years, NEO offered a wide variety of models designed for basic computing, social networking and intense performance applications. Now NEO is making a big leap by introducing a full line-up of gaming notebooks that every gamer will surely be excited about.

Backed by its technology partners, Intel® and Microsoft®, and with the help of its primary channel partners such as Octagon, PC Corner and PC Express; NEO was able to integrate in its Élan Series the powerful processors of Intel® and the innovative Windows 8 Operating System of Microsoft®.

NEO appreciates the dedication of Pinoy Gamers when it comes to eSports. So this year NEO demonstrates its full support on eSports by partnering with three (3) well-known entities in the gaming industry, namely: Blizzard, Level Up! and Mineski.

Blizzard is one of the best game developers catering to the worldwide gaming market. Diablo and Starcraft games are part of their proven excellence in the gaming industry. In 2013 Q1, Blizzard proves its expertise again with the launch of Starcraft® II expansion pack, known as Heart of the Swarm.

Level Up! is the leading portal and brand name for locally published online games in the Philippines. With a vast portfolio of hugely popular Massively Mutliplayer Online Games which includes Ragnarok Online – the game that started the online gaming craze in 2003.

Mineski is an organization driven by the pursuit to uplift the professional gaming scene in the Philippines. Mineski strongly believes in leading by example, as shown in their advocacy for fun and responsible gaming while providing the best environment to train the best Philippine gamers to become world champions.

Opportunity knocked and led to the partnership of NEO with Blizzard, Level Up! and Mineski. As early as February, NEO announced its sponsorship with the best Starcraft® II team from Mineski. On top of this, NEO hypes the latest addition to its powerful Élan Series by bundling Starcraft® II game pack.

NEO extends its support on eSports with its partnership with Level Up!. Élan notebooks to be used and experienced by competitive players on selected Level Up! tournaments is just a part of the partnership.

NEO’s Élan Series notebooks take advantage of a powerful and at least 2 GB of Dedicated Graphics from nVidia® for best gaming and graphics rendition. It offers a variety of models that cater to different gaming needs–from small but powerful to stylish and extremely powerful ones.

“NEO Elan can support high graphics video games up to its limits.” – Mski-Enderr

“NEO Elan performs better than my gaming desktop computer” – Mski-Wanningmoon

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